Revealing the Secrets of the Bohemian Club and Grove ”“ the Elite’s Secret Society of Wealthy, Powerful Men

The secrecy of the Bohemian Club and Grove has moved some to infiltrate the group in an attempt to reveal the actions of powerful men who are in a position to make the decisions that can affect the world. Every year, these influential men gather to partake in a two-week encampment in July at the Bohemian Grove in San Francisco. Journalists and conspiracy theorists have been able to sneak into the Grove to reveal some of the secrets and details regarding the enigma of the society.

Scattered throughout the Bohemian Grove are more than 100 rustic sleeping and leisure quarters known as a ‘camp,’ where each member is affiliated to one. This is where the member will sleep during their two weeks (or three weekends) at the Grove during the annual summer encampment held in July. The bonding that takes place within the camps allows high-ranking people to forge friendships, as well as make business and political contacts that can last a lifetime.

The camps also have interesting names, which represent certain kinds of members and attendees. For example, the Owls Nest caters to U.S. Presidents and military/defense contractors (such as Ronald Reagan), while the Stowaways is where you’ll find Rockefeller family members, oil companies, bankers, and think tankers. Charles R. Schwab, a businessman, investor, and the founder of a corporation named after himself was a part of the Uplifters, who consisted of corporate executives and big business. Colin Powell, the retired four-star general belonging to the U.S. Army, mingled in the Mandalay camp, which included big businessmen, defense contractors, politicians, and U.S. Presidents.

Symbols of the Bohemian Club ”“ the Owl and St. John

Knowledge is power, and the Bohemian Club members chose a mascot that stays in line with this theme. Since the founding of the club, the owl has served as the Bohemian Grove mascot ”“ it is a bird that symbolizes knowledge. Situated at the head of the lake at the Grove is a hollow owl statue that stands 40 feet tall, and is made out of concrete over steel supports. Built during the 1920s, this piece serves as an Owl Shrine. Some ceremonies have been known to take place at the ‘owl.’ One such infiltrator of the Grove actually ventured inside the owl.

Secrecy is a big part of the Bohemian Club. Standing at the shore of the lake in the Grove, you will find the patron saint of the Bohemian Club ”“ a large wood carving of John of Nepomuk. Legend has it that he died at the hands of a Bohemian monarch rather than reveal the confessional secrets of the queen. St. John is seen in cleric robes with his index finger over his lips, serving as a reminder to Grove attendees about the secrecy the group has held onto over a long period of time.

When People Infiltrated the Grove…

Since the activities that take place at the Bohemian Grove involves people with wealth and power, the group has been at the center of controversy. Protests have even been held in opposition to the existence of the group. The secrecy of the Club and Grove worries and scares many ”“ even leading to the formation of the Bohemian Grove Action Network (based in California), who work towards assisting journalists who have a desire to infiltrate the  secrecy of the encampment.

And, the Bohemian Grove has been successfully infiltrated. Video regarding the Grove and its activities have been created. People posing as guests were able to share some of the activities that have taken place during the encampment meeting. This has included the accounts of a Spy magazine writer who spoke of uninhibited behavior; hidden camera footage from a controversial conspiracy theorist who captured the Cremation of Care ceremony; and a video of the Owl Shrine during the daytime as well as proof of effigies. A membership list was also reportedly stolen during one infiltration of the Grove.

Another such infiltration led to the creation of a video called “Dark Secret: Inside the Bohemian Grove & the Order of Death,” which shines a light on the rites and rituals of a group that is believed to protect “the modern day descendants of Babylonian mystery cults.” Alex Jones obtained hidden camera footage of the Grove, which includes details on the Grove’s Cremation of Care ritual. The video also claims to expose connections between the Grove and other secret societies/occult groups, such as Skull and Bones.