Rick Ross and Jay Z Collaborate on ‘The Devil is a Lie’ and Use Disturbing Cover Art to Boot

Rappers Rick Ross and Jay Z have teamed up on several different projects over the years, and seem to have a chemistry that pleases fans. In their latest collaboration, the two entertainers have released a single titled, ‘The Devil is a Lie.’ Of course, as the title suggests, the Devil is mentioned throughout, as well as the Illuminati. However, it’s not only the lyrics of the single that causes eyebrows to rise; the accompanying cover art for the song is also equally disturbing.

‘The Devil is a Lie’ is Rick Ross’ song with Jay Z returning the favor for Ross guest-appearing on one of his singles. Ross spends a great deal of the time boasting about material possessions and women in a manner that ensures the validity of the explicit language sticker placed on the front of the single.

On the other hand, Jay Z takes time to address a few issues that are personally specific to his own life.

Yes, he references the Illuminati and once again, seems to defend the accusations that he is a member or that he is influenced by the secret society some believe have a hand in shaping the successful careers of musicians. An excerpt of Jay Z’s lyrics highlights his views on the Illuminati in relation to the ‘rap game’:

“Devil want these n**** to hate their own kind/ Got to be the Illuminati if a n****—a shine.”

He basically wishes to disassociate himself from the thought of being a part of the Illuminati, and blames critics for assuming that a black entertainer gains success only from the help of others, such as a secret society. Jay Z makes this point despite the fact that white entertainers, such as Kesha, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and others have also been linked to the Illuminati.

There are also many religious references made in Jay Z’s lyrics despite the fact that he has repeatedly admitted in interviews that he does not believe in religions. He’s stated that he does believe in a God, but does not believe in a hell or the Devil even though he makes mention of both in his music.

Interestingly, some of his lyrics point to a comparison to Jesus, who is known for turning water into wine, as he seems to see himself as a ‘black Jesus’ who used illegal means to turn his impoverished social status into something that has now brought him wealth. This sort of talk is considered blasphemous by some.

Another mention of the Devil and religion in Jay Z’s lyrics include:

“Am I down with the devil cuz my roof come a-missin’
Is that Lucifer juice in that two cup he sippin’
That’s dulce baby welcome to the dark side”

The Significance of the ‘Devil is a Lie’ Cover Art

Rick Ross released what many believed would be the cover art for ‘Devil is a Lie’ in late October via Twitter. The imagery shows an upside down bouquet of thorny dying roses, but by mid-December, the visual representation of the single is decidedly different. A more polished presentation shows a gray skull at the center of the album cover with a shiny gold, ram-like horn coming out of the visible side of the skull. Also, the ram-like horns featured on the cover art for Ross’ and Jay Z’s single are not ordinary. They are dipped in gold – a common indicator of wealth, prosperity, and of the elite.

Horns have always served as a significant symbol in history, especially when it comes to religion. The most basic association of a pair of horns comes from the visual picture that we have of the Devil.

Additionally, horns play a role in mythology, as well as appear atop the heads of Gods representing an array of different religions and worship systems, such as the Egyptian god Ra Ammon. Horns are also often linked to secret societies, the occult, witchcraft, magic, satanic rituals, and with evil.