Rihanna Debuts Music Video Depicting an Exorcism Performed on Herself

If you’ve been following the celebrities and musicians who have suspected ties to the Illuminati and who may have questionable connections to other secret societies, you probably already know that the singer Rihanna has been dubbed the ‘Illuminati princess.’ The songstress has consistently embraced an increasingly dark side in her music videos, lyrics, public appearances, and photo shoots. From single-eye symbolism to nods to the occult, Rihanna is using powerful symbolism again with the music video for her latest single, ‘What Now.’

Prior to the release of the music video for ‘What Now,’ the singer spoke of the kind of theme and tone that the presentation would take on. Using words like ‘eerie,’ ‘very creepy,’ and’ really a little demented,’ Rihanna promised a music video that one would not expect to accompany this type of song. Well, she wasn’t playing around when she said that the video was not to be expected. Shot in Thailand over a period of 22 hours, the music video for her latest single now has fans and social media abuzz because of the featured content in which the singer performs an exorcism on herself.

Some believe the meaning behind the video is that Rihanna may be trying to send a message to fans that she is exorcising her ex love, Chris Brown, from her life. Ironically, the video was released the day after Brown reemerged into society from an inpatient rehab program.

However, this isn’t the first time Rihanna has spoken of exorcisms. During an interview that took place in 2010 with radio DJ JoJo Wright, the singer spoke of having past experiences with the act that is meant to rid the body of evil spirits. During the interview, Rihanna admitted to seeing an authentic exorcism on more than one occasion, including inside of a church in the middle of a ceremony. The two went on to speak of people being possessed and speaking in tongues.

In the music video for ‘What Now,’ Rihanna appears at times with arched back and head tilted back. Other times, her movements and disjointed shuffle as she walks – giving off the impression that she is possessed, and not moving on her own accord. As the music continues, the singer dances while multiplied visions of herself appear in what looks like an empty, dark basement, dungeon, or asylum. As the ‘possessed-looking’ Rihanna writhes around from scene to scene, you will catch a nod to religion with the black cross wrapped around her neck.

The duality that the colors black and white pose are apparent in the video, as Rihanna switches from singing in an all-white room (wearing white) to an all-black room (wearing black). Regardless of which room she is in, she appears to be in conflict and struggling against her ‘her demons.’ Interestingly, the types of Rihanna’s manicured nails look like claws with pointed edges, which further adds to the whole ‘demonic possession’ theme. Flashes of telling imagery are used throughout the video, including lightning, a lit-up wooded area, and the moon’s light can all be viewed as giving off references to the Lightbearer (Lucifer), which can all fall in line with the theme of exorcism.

As for the creep factor of the music video, some have likened parts of the presentation as having the same kind of tone and feel as the movie, The Ring, where a trapped soul inside of a video tape was responsible for the deaths of those who watched it.