Rocketing Through 2012 Triumphantly

When looking at the belief that 2012 may have something to it, there’s a great deal to admire among those who suggest a more sustainable form of living and as a consequence a new enlightened age.  But do we need a massive catastrophe of unprecedented proportions hanging over our heads to cross this bridge of thorny vines into a new golden era?

The world isn’t all that bad.  Despite the fact that things don’t always go as they’re supposed to in public perception, a mechanism in our minds dedicated to the polarization of facts sends us spiraling into despair when several factors of a bad nature are brought to our attention.  A hurricane, a Tsunami, and a massive oil spill make their way into our living rooms and inevitably we overhear someone mention the end of the world.  With the images playing on the screen, it certainly seems they may be on to something.

The Mayan Long Count Calendar, according to scholars does not simply start and stop.  Our current calendar system moves in a straight line with adjustments made along the way as we progress.  Of course this happens so gradually that they never make news or are even noticed.  The Maya, however, created the long count calendar to be cyclical.  As it ticks over to Baktun there will still be a Mayan calendar recording time and restarting the cycle.  It will not simply stop.

The Maya separated their calendar year into several different subtypes.  The Tzolkin, which was 260 days or around 9 months.  Of course these Tzolkin are composed of 20 possible days with 13 variations (we would find them comparable to astrological signs).  Then, there was the Haab, which most closely resembled our calendar and had 365 days in the year.  And finally, eras would be measured in the Tun (long count years) were kept track of and cycled through once every 5,125 years.  Currently we are less than two Tun away from the end of the Great Cycle which is not in itself measured, but rather restarts on December 21, 2012.

What does this mean for us?  The matter of what happens in 2012 will largely be left up to chance and human nature.  If the collective thoughts and feelings of humanity are focused on destruction, there is a very real chance that a major catastrophe could happen.  Of course humanity rarely needs an excuse for major destructive action.  And for that matter neither does nature.

So will something happen in 2012?  Yes and no.  There will be events leading up to this date that will inevitably serve as evidence of the impending doom of the world.  There may be major catastrophes as there have been consistently every few years since Baktun began last Great Cycle.  But the reality of the matter is, we hold the responsibility both in our hearts and our actions for what the future will bring.  Personal accountability, responsibility, and positive constructive action can ensure the end of this era resounds with the principles of what makes humanity great.  Acting rashly out of fear will only propagate more fear.