Sacred Geometry

by an sci artet
Sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry; The angles are important as they did more than act a measurement with event from
sacred geometry, however they are still just a number and th degree is represented as x and a multiple but
in this case its as a point. ‘This is a disbeliever but it works from hiemlin.’ Energy is work and work makes
movement cubed for things that are inert, and this accounts for how much force or movement the item does.

94x is the void angle and also 1.37x for cancelling out idea and causing manifestation which work with each
other, a right turn and focus by lunacy or feel to evoke the desire, and the desire comes about and at most
nothing occurs and least is memory loss. 94/1.8=52.2 J/s for how much energy is generated for use of chaos
and emotion, 1.37/1.8=.76 J/s used by the body.
93x is repair or fix by correction for steady flex from allowance and flexibility. 51.7 J/s to correct with
or deform.
92x is reconstruction from necessity or as is in construction of materials. 51.1 J/s to reform material.
91x is training angle that gives to alerting you of corrective measure. 50.6 J/s to alert you or someone else.
90x is the joining angle or the correct as perfect joint and joining as it takes 50 J/s.
89x is a receptive angle something thats acceptable as off or off-kilter, the odd angle. Like for hanging pictures
I would get disturbed and try to fix. With 49.4 J/s to feel odd.
88x is moistless and understood as dry and ill humoured if in a person. 48.9 J/s for dryness.
87x is response and personal snap angle. Hint, this works with the wrist if held at the right angle. 48.3 J/s
for a snappish response.
86x is where steam appears or anger is appearant tost (as most) in a room. 47.8 J/s for things of appearance.
84x and 74x is radiactive shootoff or fight moment and has 5.6 J/s.
83x or 85x is where a whisp of smoke appears and with molecular activity with constructive comments and
aggravations made from energetic actions related from human actions. Basically where things start switching
around or get screwy. 1.1 J/s for very odd things.
52 is 28.9x a constructive view, as what happens when the angle is reached and changes the point of view, or
the person is held with a 52x wrist hold. This is only allowed description of the hold where you figure the
angle. 16.1 J/s fot constructive effort.
11 3/4 or 11.75x as an angle = snapping point (as strong or thick resistant material if not snapped before),
11.75/1.8=6.53 J/s.
11 1/3 is 11.33x and counted as the tilt angle or moment of disaster, 11.33 / 1.8 = 6.29 J/s.
11 1/8 or 11.125x angle is load snap angle (weak to semiweak materials) = 11.125 J, 11.125 / 1.8 = 6.10 J/s.
11 3/25x and 7 2/3x is 11.12 and 7.7 make disfunction and disfigurment and mutation as 3.42/1.8=1.9 J/s to achieve
11 3/52 is 11.06x counting for great disaster and the world tilt which as the world spins it generates
11.06 J/1.8=6.14 J/s.
10 3/4 – 9 3/4x snapping point where anger is or pick up angle of 10.75x-9.75x = 1/2 = ,5/1.8 = .28 J/s.
10 3/8 or 10.375x is stress and Chaos point as failure thoughts in J and 10.375 J, 10.375 / 1.8 = 5.76 J/s.
8 1/2 or 8.5x as the inert matter or Cosmeria amount in J for universal background radiation, it describes creation
by how much is divided in Cosmeria and to divide by 1.8 is 4.72 J/s of work done by cosmeria.
8 4/9 or 8.44x is the Action of work load with maximum action per work sec and perfect convergence of J of action
or 8.44 J/s or ft/s as maximum ceiling.
8 1/3 or 8.33x is the number per energy use in 8.33 J/A(ction).
7 3/8 is 7.375x to pick things up, to grip or climb with, 4.1 J/s to achieve.
7 3/5 is 7.6x and an interlock or change by convergence, wealth or gain by loss with 4.2 J/s.
7 7/8x is the falling over point under a load and 9.625x = 9.625 J = 9.625/Pi = 5.347 J/s.
7 7/18 or 7.38x degree and J is dizziness or minumum work load, before itch and before stress its 4.1 J/s.
3 1/7 or 22/7x as Pi for the rules of infinity or life in natural pattern of balance and Fritjof feedbabk loops
that create creation as its represented by a circle and is listed in the Bible as p=3 as more truthfully Pi is
3.14159. To use listed Pi, its normally used for circes of diameter and cycle of inner ability along with frequency
or Pi*2, as a Infini representation of sacred seeable life math 3.1416 and 368 milion digits after the point of
energy in Joules, to create the perfect shield. Where in sacred geography the Pi /1.8 = 1.74 J/s for action focused
upon in work or natural work without much done and natural actions. Modified by idea from Saint peter the black as
in the Bible for an example idea.
1 1/2x is energy pool, anger point, focus amount or Amperage adjustment (as improved feed) and is a degree to
point or 5.5x = 5.5 J = 3.1 J/s.
1 3/8x is point of headache and programming frequency is 1.375 J = 1.375 / 1.8 = .76 J/s.
1 1/8x or 1.125x crack point (as rigid weak material) bend point (as stronger material) angle or the time of
addictive action, 1.125 deg = 1.125 J = 0.625 J/s.
9/5x is 1.8, the conversion number is energy transferred from the sun or light to get the amount of energy as
Joules divide the angle converted to decimal by 1.8.
3/8 or .375x Amp line pickup, spike point (as the natural energy amp point where headaches are liked, if at all).

Like you start with 3.1416 J as the usage of a restorative work that takes 8.33*8.9 min or 534 seconds
of focus for 4448.22 J/A with 1.74 * 534 sec = 929.16 J/s of work. So the work took 4448.22 Joules per action
and 929.16 J/s of work energy. Now in conjecture, headache occurs at 0.76*534=405.84 J/s and slows down work,
with a progress now hampered by headache I stopped after a minute.

When I make an Infini-flame spontaneously in my hand, it nearly looks Physical for a second. Like a
shield which wouldn’t fade if used with Universal energy and Infini but conditioned by thought. This could enact
thought with a simple speech, or music and be protective as well like a perfect shield. But..Hell, you could even
make one stronger than Infini, if you wanted, with enough effort. Pretty much, I’ve told you all of what I know,
but. It can be used to make any element you want, new or already discovered. But Hell, you could even make one
stronger than Infini, if you wanted, with enough effort.

Quote by blackinferno, “That’s just crazy, though…If everyone could do that. Running
around, making elements…They fire something at you, like, fire that’s immune to water, that’s
not cool. It’s unfair to rookies and whatnot, too…I call anyone who’s only a basic elemental,
or less than average ability a ‘rookie’ though…It’s just the sheer possibilities of it, that
makes it so powerful. It’s limitless. And I see just how much so. I mean, just Use it, and
look at how much so, just by letting someone or something attack a shield of it, or something.
That right there should give you a massive hint of just how powerful it is. It pretty much, just
came to me. The whole prism-imagining thing…That happened, but I didn’t will it. It all just
snapped into happening. That golden vision was what tipped me off to thinking, Crap, this is
Infini! This man, is a jinx!”, “To be or not forever, as there is a way! Star trek with infini!”,
“The way I see it is the way I see it.”