Satanic and Illuminati Symbolism found in One of ‘America’s Favorite Pastimes’

Since symbols and signs play an important role in regards to secret societies and the occult, it’s often alarming when we find such references to the Illuminati, Satan worshippers, and Freemasonry appearing in everyday, somewhat-harmless and innocent places. Most recently, social media outlets have been abuzz – trying to figure out why a collection of such occult and Illuminati-associated symbols made an appearance during the broadcast of the Chicago Cubs vs Milwaukee Brewers baseball game in late June. This isn’t the first time that America’s ‘favorite pastime’ has been linked to Illuminati-related ties.

During the late innings of a Cubs-Brewers game, a few seconds of screen time was devoted to a clear set of occult, Illuminati, and Satanic symbols, such as the upside-down Satanic pentagram and the all-seeing eye. It wasn’t a quick blip of imagery, and viewers were exposed long enough to recognize some of the primary symbols – as seen in the wave of YouTube videos and blog posts concerning the act.

The commentators of the game seemed unaware as to how the symbols invaded their screen. In tracking down the source of the imagery, viewers watching the game on DISHTV and WGN encountered the images, meaning the symbols could have been inserted at either one of the feed locations. Theories have included a practical joke gone awry to a deliberate attempt to expose the public to symbols related to the occult, Illuminati, and Freemasonry. Since many of the symbols are associated with organizations or groups of people believed to represent evil, elitist practices, and that show support for a One World government, this type of practical joke is quite offensive.

This isn’t the first time that baseball has been linked to questionable symbolism. Others have taken issue with some of the logos that represent baseball teams within the Major League – claiming that Illuminati sun symbolism runs rampant. The sun-on-cross or cross-in-circle symbolism uses circles to represent the sun, and may also represent the Illuminati-related acceptance of Horus sun worship. A few MLB logos that have caught the eye of Illuminati watchers belong to the Seattle Mariners (a baseball in the center with outer rings that represent the sun with cross imagery in the middle) and the New York Yankees (a cross is formed with the bat and ‘Yankees’ text, while the red baseball represents the sun).

Logos with triangle shapes often create speculation as to the similarity that such imagery has to the pyramid capstone with all-seeing eye, which is believed to represent an example of sun symbolism related to the Illuminati. Some of the MLB logos that fit the description include the California Angels, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and Colorado Rockies.

Not only does the California Angels logo display a halo-like eye at the top, but the capital letter ‘A’ sets the stage for a pyramid with capstone to appear. Although the Tampa Bay Devil Rays logo was probably meant to mimic the shape of a baseball field, capstones are found throughout the image, including the upper graphic which shows a pyramid with capstone shape. The logo for the Colorado Rockies has mountains that make up the capstone with the ball representing the all-seeing eye – the arch and outline of ‘Colorado’ also creates the illusion of a sun in the background.

Interestingly, the history and representations of baseball as a sport has been connected to Masonic rituals and references for many years. For example, the very shape of a baseball field is believed to resemble the square and compass associated with Freemasonry. Other ‘coincidences’ have included the newer checkerboard patterns found in some baseball fields (the floors of Masonic temples have this same pattern), as well as numerology or sacred numbers of the game: 3, 9, 27, and 81.