Satanic-Related Bath Products Depict Inverted Pentagrams, Baphomet & Anton Lavey

It’s not uncommon to see people use Satanic imagery and symbolism as a way to sell or decorate products on the market. From the pentagram to inverted crosses, clothing is one of the most popular ways that these types of symbols often reach the public. Jewelry and other accessories is a close second. And now thanks to Bizarro Au Go-Go’s, people can purchase from a line of scented Satanic-themed bath products that include soaps, body oils, and even gift sets.

Bizarro Au Go-Go is a website promoted by the tagline “A Psychotronic Journey of Blood, Babes and Beyond.” There are disturbing graphics of bloody scenes, zombies, and other gruesome imagery throughout the website and its image slider. In one of the handful of flash images that appear on the website, there is one that introduces “Rub-A-Dub Beelzebub” Sinful Soaps, which come in an array of Satanic shapes and figures.

An artist known for producing bizarre, offensive, and disturbing works of art (some of which have been commissioned) is responsible for designing the bath and beauty products for Bizarro Au Go-Go. One of his creations depict the bald head of iconic Satanic figure Anton Lavey, which displays a stone-cold, soul-piercing stare that sends shivers down your back. Called “Lye-vay Gargoyle Grey”, the details are memorable.

Another soap design shows Baphomet within an inverted pentagram, and is referred to as “Inverted Scentagram Grey.” The design for “Bubble Baphomet” depicts the infamous Satantic figure in a cross-legged position displaying a single hand gesture. Complete with horns, cloven hooves and breasts, the soap is highly detailed.

Adding a nod to the occult, people may also purchase “Sanitizing Oracle Planchette” from the site – soap in the shape of the iconic tool used to communicate with the spirits associated with an Ouiji board.

A post on the site announces a new seasonal fragrance for the soaps – one in which is called “The Devil’s Sweet Anise.” One of their newest offerings to consumers is a gift set that includes “soap, a blasphemous body oil, and an alcohol free body spray.” The packaging of the oils and sprays show an inverted pentagram and the head of a goat.

The wordplay and message of the Rub-A-Dub Beelzebub soaps continue with the names of the natural soap bases used to create the soaps:  Evil Goats milk and one that includes an exfoliating “Brimstone” scrub. The enterprise plans on creating more designs and scents in the future, and some of the limited edition soap fragrances have already sold out. Shipping internationally, consumers can easily bring the scent and look of these Satanic products into their home.

The company also sells Blasphemous Body Oil and Blasphemous Body Spray, which come in a variety of scents, such as Spa Date with the Devil, Demon’s Blood, Bay RedRum (murder spelled backwards, of course), Sinful Pumpkin Pie, and Hell Froze Over, which the site refers to as Bizarro Au Go-Go’s “signature scent.”