Say Goodbye to the Paranormal and Unexplainable Stories of 2007 Cont”¦

In this article, we will continue to take a look at the paranormal and unexplainable stories that have taken place within the year 2007. This will include tidbits of information that includes a Bigfoot sighting in India; a skeletal remains mystery; and weird weather occurrences.

Bigfoot in India?

Bigfoot sightings in India were reported this year, as villagers were living in fear that a hairy Bigfoot-like creature was wandering about the jungles in an isolated part of the country in the northeast.

How Did They Get There?

Migration was a common occurrence in history, however, archeologists are a little stumped when it comes to the 1,000-year-old skeletal remains found this year in Norway of what seems to be an Incan (of the South American originating from Peru).

Mexico Odd Happenings

In the sky of remote towns situated in Mexico, a hoard of reports has surfaced claiming that “flying humanoids” were taking flight. Documentation was taken from dozens of individuals (even officers of the law) who claim they caught sight of what looked like witches flying in the air.

Basrah, Iraq Sightings

In 2007, an unknown creature referred to as the Garta has been seen in the vicinity. This unexplainable entity has been described as an odd-looking creature with deadly tendencies that looks like a bear and has the potential to attack people throughout the night with the use of strong claws.

Brazilian Bigfoot

Amazonian tribes have been reporting the sighting of a scary looking creature in the rainforest that possesses sloth-like features. Its size has been described as “giant.”

It’s Raining Worms

First we had frogs and now I’d like to report the shower of worms that came out of the Louisiana sky this year that appeared in “large, tangled clumps.”

Want to Learn About the Supernatural?

If you’re interested in learning more about spooky things, poltergeists and demonic possession, then quickly enroll in Glasgow University, which is now offering courses associated with these topics. You just don’t expect this kind of education when you attend one of oldest institutions of learning in Scotland.

 The Words of Nostradamus Uncovered

A lost book penned by Nostradamus has been found this year, where a host of cryptic prophecies are found between the pages. It is believed that this publication is actually the final work that Nostradamus was able to complete. The lost book was located at the National Library in Rome.

Impressive Collection of Books

This year, about 1,700 books on topics, such as witchcraft, ESP, UFOs, reincarnation, demons, and life after death (that once belonged to the charismatic actor Jackie Gleason) was placed on display at the University of Miami, as part of an exhibit that showcased the occult library of the celebrity.

Dreams Really Do Come True

How cool would it be if you could put an end to the wonder and regret pertaining to a missing friend? This is exactly what happened when Jamie Lynn Cunningham experienced an intensely vivid dream that actually led people into the High Prairie bush, where a family friend was uncovered. They had been lost for nearly a month.

New Tape to Investigate

Although the tape of the Luxembourg wildman was taped in 2002, it has only just been released for analysis in 2007.