Say Goodbye to the Paranormal and Unexplainable Stories of 2007

Saying goodbye to 2007 paranormal and unexplainable headlines means there is a whole new year to uncover the latest in space discoveries, odd creatures, and menacing (or not-so menacing ghosts). In this article, we will take a look at some of the news headlines to hit the waves, including a Russian Bigfoot and an interesting collection of psychic information.

Ghost Whisperer

If you’re into ghosts, then chances are you have at least glanced at the TV show featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt, where she can see and speak to ghosts. Did you know that the top star and her crew claim to have encountered a real specter while filming on the set?

Russian Bigfoot

Ray Crowe of the International Bigfoot Society believes that a photo he received from a Russian cryptozoologist named Valentin Sapunov could prove to become a real-life Bigfoot.

Psychic Frenzy

This year, the University of Manitoba Libraries’ Elizabeth Dafoe Library decided to share an extensive collection of séance images and other related material to the public by making it available across the Internet.

PEAR is Gone

Unfortunately, 2007 isn’t the only thing not seeing the New Year. The PEAR laboratory program located at Princeton University is no longer a facility, meaning someone else is going to have to begin where the researchers left off. In case you didn’t know, the lab was in charge of conducting experiments on anomalous consciousness (ESP) phenomena.

Sasquatch Tracks in British Columbia

In southwest British Columbia (located only 45 minutes from the downtown Vancouver area) photographs of what is believed possible Sasquatch tracks have been taken.

Crop Circle Sighting

2007 marked the year where a significant crop circle was uncovered in Holland. The findings: one sizable circle measuring seven meters and two smaller satellites that measured one meter.

YouTube Creature

Have you been on YouTube lately? Have you by any chance come across the interesting video that refers to an unexplainable creature with ape-like features that a British Columbia man claims to have spotted in the Enchanted Forest area found close to Tofino?

It’s Raining Frogs

Mark this one down for the strange weather occurrences of 2007 , as a rain shower of frogs was reported in Serbia, as thousands of these reptiles descended upon a Serbian village out of the sky. The experience was so intense that the residents truly believed that the end of the world was near.

Loch Ness Photo

A vacationer in Loch Ness claimed this year to have captured the image of what he believes in the Loch Ness Monster. Speaking of Loch Ness headline buzz , are you aware that there is a £1 million reward for anyone who can produce concrete evidence that the Loch Ness monster is in existence?

What Did He See?

We all know that dinosaurs are extinct, right? Well, what the heck did a psychologist at a university in Central China see when he claims he caught sight of a prehistoric-looking creature (pterosaur) soaring through the air in Papua New Guinea? He reported that he experienced this sighting in 1971.