Scary Kids in Classic Horror Movies I

As Halloween is just around the corner, a flood of horror movies will start to emerge on TV. Some of the classics will appear where some of the scary characters are pint-sized and something to truly fear. In this article, you will encounter a few favorites ”“ from the undead to the possessed.

Gage from ‘Pet Cemetery’

Stephen King wrote a tale of a cemetery that could bring pets back to life, but what happened if you were desperate enough to bury your deceased child in the magical graveyard? Rachel and Louis Creed find out the hard way when Louis tries to bring his son back to life after he is hit by a truck. A local tries to dissuade Louis from using the burial grounds ”“ telling him a tale of what happened to a soldier who was laid to rest in the cemetery. However, he does not listen. When his son returns from the dead, he is unrecognizable and wreaking havoc. Who can forget the infamous phone call that Gage makes where he says, “Come play with me daddy! First I played with Jud, and then I played with mommy. We had an awful good time. Now I want to play with YOU.”

Damien in ‘The Omen’

Harvey Stephens played the demonic Damien in the original 1976 version of the Omen, where an American ambassador (played by Gregory Peck) learns that his son is actually the Antichrist. When Robert Thorn and his wife Katherine await the birth of their son in Rome, the newborn dies shortly after labor. Robert is persuaded by a Father into substituting an orphan whose mother died at the same time for their dead child without telling Katherine. Robert wishes to protect the mental state of his wife, so he agrees. The child is named Damien and they travel to England when Robert is named the new US Ambassador for the country. However, the family begins to experience mysterious events, and over time, they slowly learn that it is their son that is the root of the problems. In the end, the father plans to kill his son, but will he accomplish this task?

Regan from ‘The Exorcist’

‘The Exorcist was originally a novel centered on the topic of demonic possession. The tale and movie of the same name highlights a mother’s desperate attempts to save her young daughter from being possessed by Satan. Two priests are enlisted to help by performing an exorcism. Linda Blair’s character Regan was only 12 years old when she began to show strange signs that went beyond just an illness. The girl undergoes various tests and X-rays, as well as a visit to a psychiatrist, who she attacks. Next, paranormal occurrences take place, which include violent shaking of the bed, odd noises, and unexplained movements. Regan physically and verbally assaults those she comes in contact with. The imagery of her possession was quite jaw-dropping for some people to view, including her vomiting, cursing, and the infamous head spinning.