Scary Movie List: Early Vampire Flicks

Vampires have been written about and portrayed for hundreds of years. Some of the earliest film depictions are found in Nosferatu (1922) and Dracula (1931), which provide viewers with creepy characters, castles, and mesmerized young women. In this article, you will learn about two classic vampire films.

Dracula (1931)

Based on the Bram Stoker tale, an early depiction of the vampire is a 1931-inspired that involves the ancient vampire Count Dracula, who comes to England and sets his eyes on a virtuous young woman named Mina. There is sucking of the blood of a young Lucy Weston, who is turned into a vampire. Dracula is then interested in her friend, Mina Seward, who is the daughter of Dr. Seward. A specialist is called to diagnose the sudden change in health of Mina. His name is Dr. Van Helsing and he sees that Dracula is a vampire. He assists Mina’s fiance, John Harker, and Dr. Seward in trying to prevent Mina from changing into one of the undead. Playing the role of Dracula was the infamous Bela Lugosi , a master in horror movie making.

Nosferatu (1922)

One of the most unforgettable-looking vampires belongs to F.W. Murnau’s silent film titled, ‘Nosferatu.’ Max Schreck played the ghoulish looking bloodsucker Count Orlok so well that rumors started that he was actually a real vampire. It was from this gossip that the film Shadow of the Vampire was inspired. With long fingernails and a menacing facial appearance, the vampire follows a plotline that sees him interested in acquiring a new residence. He also becomes interested in his real estate agent’s wife.

The Count wishes to buy a home in Wisbourg and the real estate agent, Hutter, feels that the isolate home across the way from his own house is perfect. Hutter makes the mistake of leaving his wife, Ellen with a couple of friends while he is away so that he can make the journey to the Count’s castle. Traveling to the castle brings to light some of the local beliefs regarding the Count. The locals do not want to bring him near the castle, which he learns is a location where strange events often occur.

When Hutter finally makes it to the castle, he is successful in selling the Count the house. While there, he senses odd occurrences. He feel like a dark shadow is hanging over him and notices that during the day, the Count is sleeping. Eventually, Hutter finds the Count sleeping in a chamber in a crypt. A book that he has recently read makes him believe that the Count is a vampire or Nosferatu.

While Hutter is trapped in the castle, the Count, travels to Wisbourg by hiding in a shipment of coffins. Along the way, death follows him, which many believe is the work of the plague. Hutter then tries to rush home to save his town and make sure that Ellen is safe from the arrival of the Count.  In Wisbourg, Ellen can feel the danger on its way as Nosferatu nears. She hears that a woman without any sin can sacrifice herself to kill the vampire. To learn the outcome of the movie, you will have to watch it.