Scary Ways to Die , Creatures You Don’t Want to Encounter I

In regards to life and death, accidents and medical conditions rank high in the leading killers of people. However, some of the scariest and terrifying ways to die have come when you have the unfortunate pleasure of coming in contact with a creature that you otherwise wouldn’t have. In foreign countries, there are some animals that people living in the United States would never dream of encountering. In this article, you will learn of some terrifying (and sometimes gruesome) ways to die involving creatures.

Wolves and Hyenas

It’s no laughing matter when you find yourself eye to eye with a pack of hyenas or wolves. The difference between big cats and wild canines is that the wild felines prefer that you are dead before they start feeding. They can easily kill their prey without any hassle, but when it comes to wolves and hyenas , they are not so able to kill larger victims like they do smaller animals. Their violent shaking method that breaks the spine of smaller prey will not work on an unlucky human. This does not deter a hyena or wolf from passing on a human meal. They will simply start eating a victim as soon as it is brought down. It is not unusual to see large animals in the wild still breathing as a pack of wolves sink their teeth into their flesh. Shock or blood loss will eventually kill their victims, but this does not lessen the pain that comes before their ultimate end.


People have joked that someone with a ravenous appetite may have a tapeworm, but encountering this parasite is no laughing matter. Depending on the species, tapeworms can reach up to 12 meters long (and sometimes even longer). Their eggs or larvae are ingested by humans when they eat raw meat or consume badly cooked meat. Once they are inside of the body, the creature will attach itself to the wall of the intestines and start to absorb all of the nutrients that the host eats. While you may eat, you never receive any nutrients because the tapeworm gets to it first. Although you can constantly eat food, you will still be malnourished. If you ignore the presence of a tapeworm, the infection can lead to death because you will actually starve despite of all the food you eat. If the tapeworm larvae travel up to your brain, you can suffer seizures and other neurological issues.

To remove a tapeworm, your doctor will give you a prescription medication that kills adult tapeworms, and helps you remove eggs and larvae from your system through your bowel movements.

Other creatures responsible for fatalities each year include:

Jellyfish , With unique characteristics, jellyfish range from small to large sea residents that can paralyze a human when they come in contact with their tentacles. Some people suffer cardiac arrest as a result. These creatures cause about 100 deaths per year.

Elephants , Depending where you live, the elephant is a feared creature that can put an instant end to your life. Killing 300 to 500 people per year, the clever elephant has been known to attack without warning. It doesn’t matter how long you have known them , sometimes, they have killed their trusted zookeepers without notice , using their large tusks and size.