Scary Ways to Die , Creatures You Don’t Want to Encounter III

Not all bears are cute and cuddly, and not all birds are the kind you want to keep in a cage in the living room. In this article, you will encounter two creatures that you don’t want to meet up with in the real world, including a vegetarian bird that lives in the rainforest and a bear that isn’t too fond of humans.


When you picture a bird, the last thing on your mind is probably one that can gut you like a carnivore in a jungle. Under normal circumstances, the cassowary is a harmless, shy creature that doesn’t react violently unless provoked. The bird is actually a vegetarian that lives in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea. It tries its best to avoid confrontations, while the makes can become quite aggressive at times.
Because of this, zookeepers remark that keeping the bird in their facilities is quite dangerous. The bird has even earned honors as the most dangerous bird in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The bird has large, dagger-like claws on the second toe of each foot that when confronted, will kick its enemy as it leaps into the air. The deadly claws can cause serious and deadly injury to people. The worst cases see people suffering clawed-out guts. When the claw doesn’t completely kill a victim, the kick that the bird can deliver can rupture internal organs and lead to massive bleeding and death. Approaching a cassowary is an absolute no-no , you never know when the bird is protecting its chicks.

Sloth Bear

Panda, brown and black bears are some of the most known creatures in the bear family, while the sloth bear is one of the least known of the species. Living mostly in India and Sri Lanka, the bears have gained the respect of locals as being more feared than snakes or tigers. These bears have a reputation of mauling at least one person per week in India. You don’t even have to do anything to provoke the bear to attack , they can do so without any warning. What makes the creatures so curious is that they mostly eat ants and termites, and very rarely consume meat. However, they do not like humans, an instinct that probably originates from centuries of cruel acts against the bears and hunting.

Interestingly, the bears are nearsighted and are easily taken by surprise. When confronted, you have just as much of a chance to see a sloth bear run away as you do suffering an attack. Bears are known to maul victims, but the sloth bear is known for having a trademark method of killing. Using its teeth and its extremely long sharp claws, the bear has a reputation for ripping off the face of its victim. If you are lucky enough to live from an attack , the scarring is usually horrific. Some people have lost eyes, their nose, and lips.