Science Cannot Explain Intuition and Deja  Vu

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How many times have you felt something has already happened to you? How many times did you regret not acting upon your gut feeling? Is it completely far-fetched to believe there is life on other planets or places in space? These topics and more are discussed in this installment of ‘Science Cannot Explain’


Whether you refer to it as a ‘gut feeling’ or a ‘sixth sense’ or that ‘weird feeling’ – intuition is an experience that many will say they have undergone. While tons of gut feeling have turned out wrong , what about the ones that actually were right? Psychologists have already mentioned that people have the ability to subconsciously gather information about the surrounding world that can produce a ‘sense’ of ‘something’.

The reasoning behind these feelings are unknown and people find often themselves not knowing how they came to the conclusions they did. Why is it that we just ‘know’ some stuff and don’t know the rest? With all of the cases of intuition, it is pretty hard to come to definite conclusions. So far, psychology is the only key to unlock this mystery.

If you’d like to learn more about intuition, perhaps you should take a look at some of the studies and research associated with Swiss psychologist Carl Jung who saw intuition as one of his four ‘psychological types’ or ego functions (as he called them). He is responsible for working on an early model of the personal psyche where “intuition was opposed by sensation on one axis, while feeling was opposed by thinking on another axis.”


Some argue that we cannot exactly prove why we are here; therefore how can we disprove that other living things and creatures exist in the world (or Solar System for that matter). With black holes and depths of space we have no clue about , who’s to say that some other planet just like ours thrives. Unidentified Flying Objects have been around since the start of time, as ancient art reveals. In the sky, a lot of things have been noted. Sometimes, it is a simple aircraft or a meteor , other times , the pilots in the sky see something they cannot explain as well. Some believe in aliens and spacecraft outside of human control, and as hard as the government tries to disprove objects in the air that no one really knows what it is , science cannot completely make the statement that it is out of the realm of possibility. This is probably the same thing that aliens are saying about us , ‘how did they get here?’

Deja  vu

Maybe the movie with Denzel Washington was a bit far-fetched , but I’ve had experiences of deja  vu myself, where I know exactly what is going to happen before it does because I feel like it has already happened before. I believe almost everyone has had this feeling in some form or another. It’s more complicated that just saying you feel like you’ve met someone before or visited a place before. Actual events seem to unfold right before your very eyes with a sense of unnerving familiarity.

Deja vu is the French phrase for ‘already seen’ and some believe that it possesses a link to psychic experiences or showcases pieces of a previous life you may have lived. Right in the same boat as intuition, deja vu is viewed as a mystery that perhaps human psychology might be able to unlock. However, the cause and background on this phenomenon could remain a mystery and isn’t something science can lend a hand with.