Science Cannot Explain”¦Bigfoot & ESP

Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster sightings have been reported for many centuries, but no one has yet to produce concrete evidence as to their existence. On the other hand, science cannot completely disprove their existence either  – and so we wait for that fateful day when a real carcass, old bone, or oddly shaped tooth is found. Until then , it is an unexplainable mystery that science cannot touch , joining the topic of psychic powers and ESP as well.

Bigfoot and Other “Mythical” Creatures

Many of years have passed and the legend of the large, hairy beasts that resemble men (usually called Bigfoot) still make the rounds in folklore, supposed sightings, and news headlines. Eyewitness accounts have been reported in North America and all over the world, as people swear they have captured the beast on film during hiking trips and family camping outings.

While the legend is still active, it is pretty curious that not one single body has been found. A hunter has never accidentally killed a Bigfoot. They haven’t been hit by a car like deer crossing the road and the lifespan must be amazing because , natural causes has never taken the life of a Bigfoot.

Unfortunately, the string of believable hoaxes involving videotapes and photographs have only added fuel to the fire of skeptics who denounce the existence of such creatures. With all of the medical mysteries that surface, it is hard to totally turn your back on the thought that somewhere , some sort of animal may have actually produced something with abnormal characteristics and habits. Even now, we are discovering new species we never thought existed.

However, just because hard evidence like bones or teeth have not been found , does not mean they do not exist. In the name of science, since it is impossible to prove a negative on a universal basis , you can never use science to show evidence that Bigfoot and other so-called mythical creatures like the Abominable Snowman and the Loch Ness Monster are figments of our overactive imaginations.

Psychic Powers and ESP

The topic of psychic powers has drummed up controversy for many years now, and you can lump ESP (extra sensory perception) right in the same boat. When it comes to unexplained phenomenon, you cannot deny that certain things are proclaimed at the oddest and most correct times. A lot of people believe that intuition is also a form of psychic power, as it is just another way of tapping into some special portal to the future. Researchers have showed an interest in people with these ‘special powers’ and have conducted tests.

However, the results took place under controlled scientific conditions and nothing has really come out of it. Some people place the argument that these kinds of powers cannot be tested and when forced to undergo analysis will ‘disappear’. Science will not be able to prove or disprove the existence of psychic powers if this statement is true.