Science Cannot Explain”¦Ghosts & Near-Death

Some people are cut and dry , relying on science to prove and disprove some of the greatest unknowns and mysteries of the world. But, while science is a great branch to study and explore , it does not produce the all-knowing possibilities some hold so deeply on to. Below are a few instances where you just can’t count on science to lead the way, such as the mystery of near-death experiences; the intricacies of the body and mind connection; as well as ghosts and other unseen shadows that appear to us in various forms”¦

Body and Mind”¦

The mind is so complicated that medical science has only explored the tip of the iceberg. The mind influences the body, but we do not exactly know how. For example, the body possesses the ability to heal itself that far surpasses drugs and other medical approaches. Let’s take the placebo effect for instance , some people can bring about a sense of relief and lack of pain associated with medical symptom just by believing that a certain cure is effective. Now, that is power you just don’t understand that quickly.

Ghosts, Apparitions, and Spirits

Ghosts have long since solidified a place in history and everyday life. You turn on the TV and shows center on spirits and ‘ghost whisperers.’ There are people who believe they can contact the dead and have made a living off of displaying this ‘gift.’ Since science cannot give concrete proof that spirits of the dead do not exist , some are at a complete loss , unwilling to at least give the thought a chance.

What are we to think when loved ones claim to have seen the shadows or ghosts of their deceased loved ones? What are we to think when complete strangers can recall facts about someone you knew , claiming they have spoken to their ghost? Numerous eyewitness accounts have emerged from the poor peasant to heads of state. With odd photographs, video tapings, and sound recordings , ghost investigators have desperately tried to shed light on this phenomenon.

Someday , it is there hope to one day generate solid evidence that shows contact with the dead.

Near-Death Experiences

There are many people who claim to have neared death and experienced a variety of mystical outcomes as a result. Some people describe traveling into a tunnel filled with light; being able to establish contact with loved ones in the spirit world; and gain a sense of peace before coming back to life , remembering the details of this incident often described as a ‘near-death’ experience.

Science cannot prove or disprove that information can come from (as some say) ‘beyond the grave.’ Some believe the things that these people experience are quite natural and are simply hallucinations brought on by some sort of trauma to the brain. But, there is no real way to know this, especially when people report these incidents when a significant part of their body has stopped or they were pronounced dead for a few moments. To date, this topic has been tackled in many different fiction and non-fiction writing circles.