Science Fiction Alien Movie Facts and Trivia: “Species” (1995) I

When it comes to choosing one of the best science fiction movies that came out during the 1990s, “Species” will most certainly appear at the top of many people’s lists. Starring the attractive Nastasha Henstridge, the film was able to capture the attention of moviegoers looking for an action thriller with a science fiction/alien twist.


In 1974, an organization called the Search of ExtraTerrestrial Instituion (SETI) has gotten their hands on an alien life form and have decided to engage in a top-secret experiment to combine human and alien DNA. The result of the experiment produced a female human-alien hybrid, which is named Sil. Fast-forward 20 years into the future and Sil has escaped. With a deep desire to reproduce, Sil goes on a rampage , in search of human male sperm. To stop her, a team consisting of scientists and federal agents are assembled. They are instructed to locate Sil and prevent her from mating with a human male and reproducing.

Playing Sil is Natasha Henstridge with Michelle Williams taking on the role of the younger Sil. Other actors and actresses featured in the film include Ben Kingsley (as Xavier Fitch), Michael Madsen (as Preston Lennox), Alfred Molina (as Dr. Stephen Arde), Forest Whitaker (as Dan Smithson), and Marg Helgenberger (as Dr. Laura Baker).  

Awards and Recognition

Awards and recognition associated with the movie “Species” include the following nominations and wins:

·    At the awards ceremony for the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, the movie was nominated for a Saturn Award in the Best Make-Up category.  The movie was also up for an award for Best Science Fiction Film. Another category that the film received a nomination in was Best Special Effects.

·    At the MTV Movie Awards, Natasha Henstridge and Anthony Guidera took home an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. The awards committee also nominated Natasha Henstridge in the category of Best Breakthrough Performance.

·    Sci-Fi Universe Magazine awarded Steve Johnson a Universe Reader’s Choice Award in the category of Best Make-up in a Genre Motion Picture.

·    At the Catalonian International Film Festival, Steve Johnson and Richard Edlund won an award for Best Special Effects

Facts and Trivia , “Species”

The movie was marketed as an action, horror, science fiction thriller.

Taglines for this movie included “If you build it, they will come,” “Men cannot resist her. Mankind may not survive her,” “For three million years, the human race has been at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Nothing lasts forever,” “Two decades ago scientists sent a message to space… This… is the reply,” “Our time is up,” and “Be Intrigued. Be Seduced. Be Warned.”

The movie ran for a total of 108 minutes.

“Species” was given an ‘R’ rating for the sci-fi violence, strong sexuality and periodic bad language throughout the movie.

Additional facts and trivia regarding “Species” can be found in the second part of this article.