Science Fiction Movie Trivia and Facts: Frequency (2000)

Do you believe in connecting with someone who has been dead for years? In the movie titled “Frequency” (2000), starring Dennis Quaid, this very notion is explored. To add intrigue to the plot, changing events in the past that will affect the future (much like the movie “The Butterfly Effect”) is also a part of the movie. In this article, you will encounter trivia and facts regarding this film.

The Plot

It’s been 30 years since the death of his father, but New York City homicide officer, John Sullivan, is still haunted by the loss. Upon finding his father’s old HAM radio, a rare atmospheric phenomenon takes place that allows father and son to communicate to one another. After the doubt melts away from his mind as to who he is really speaking to, John uses the short-wave radio to warn his father of a warehouse fire that will take his life. The father is saved, but this act will change the course of events that would have naturally taken place.

However, a new set of tragic events arises, which now involve John’s mother. Together, father and son attempt to altar the past that could possibly prevent the murder of John’s mother by stopping a serial killer.
In the movie, Dennis Quaid played father Frank Sullivan, while James Caviezel took on the role of John Sullivan , the son.

Awards and Recognition

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films gave “Frequency a Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film. Dennis Quaid was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, but did not win. Another nomination for the film was for Best Writing (Toby Emmerich).

At the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, Andre Braugher won a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Supporting Actor in a Suspense. Dennis Quaid got an award nomination for Blockbuster Entertainment Award Favorite Actor in a Suspense, while James Caviezel was nominated as Favorite Male in the Newcomer category.

At the Golden Globes, the film was nominated for an award for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture for the song “When You Come Back to Me Again” – Garth Brooks and Jenny Yates.

At the Hugo Awards, the movie was nominated for Best Dramatic Presentation.

The song “When You Come Back To Me Again” once again received a nomination for an award at the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards. Unfortunately, they did not take home a PFCS Award for Best Original Song.

Trivia and Facts: “Frequency” (2000) II

“Frequency” is categorized as an action, crime, drama, thriller with a science fiction twist.

Filming locations for the movie include New York City, New York and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
New Line Cinema is the company responsible for putting out “Frequency.”

“Frequency” was given a PG-13 rating for the intense violence and disturbing images that the movie contained.

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