Science Fiction’s Influence on Society

Accordingly, the borderline between fantasy and science fiction is blurred, and many bookstores shelve science fiction and fantasy together. The science fiction genre has a strong fan community of readers and viewers, of which many authors are a part. In reading science fiction books, abstract concepts such as mutations, radiation, space travel and planets are experienced.

Although science fiction is often written primarily to entertain, many authors use the genre to provide insight into science, society, or the human condition. But science fiction is visionary by design and prophetic only by accident.





And yet the strange thing is, in some way, some real way, much of what appears under the title “science fiction” is true. Science fiction hhas ad a role in shaping public attitudes towards the atomic bomb during the fifties and sixties. Modern consciousness therefore is radically different from that of the peoples who inhabited the planet before the emergence of science fiction. America proved especially hospitable to science fiction, even before it acquired a name

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