Scientists: Next Great Extinction Almost Upon Us

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It may seem like the massive changes and talk of entering of a new wave of consciousness is a purely spiritual or New Age theory, but the timing is perfect according to sources of a different nature.  Scientists who have never heard of the theory are now making predictions based on independent findings that seem to confirm something incredible is happening, although their future projections paint a grim picture of doom rather than a hopeful spiritual awakening.

According to the Mayan Calendar, the 9th Aeon will bring with it great changes for the entirety of the human race.  How then, when we are on the verge of this massive change, are scientists coming to the same conclusion by virtue of sheer coincidence.  And it’s not just a small “big change” they’re predicting either.  In fact, it makes several 2012 theories look downright tame.

Mass extinction events are events that kill off a significant portion of the species living on the planet.  It’s hard for us to truly understand what the death of a third of all complex life on the planet may look like, and in fact something like it hasn’t happened since the end of the Cretacious some 65 and a half million years ago.

One third of all species dying off would have long lasting effects that would remain on the planet for millions of years afterward, and while the planet would indeed be able to recover with time, its creatures would be forever affected.  So what could possibly cause something so drastic?  Unlike previous mass extinctions, which were the result of natural forces gradually changing or a sudden impact with asteroids, this mass die off would likely result from the massive infrastructure developed by humans.  This massive machinery of humanity is already having far reaching consequences on Earth, and in time it could actually take over the natural process of the planet and even create a world we are not yet prepared to live in.

But the timeline, while certainly close in proximity to 2012 given the scale of both the Mayan Calendar and the eventual evolution of human beings may not actually take place in the next year or so.  As some scientists are suggesting it may in fact happen 300 years from now.

So will we be looking at the end of humanity if this massive change were to take place?  Or would our technology by that point allow us to either survive or adapt in new ways such as by elevating our consciousness to a purely digital form of life?  For all of the things humanity has done wrong, we must admit we are nothing if not inventive.  And any problem humanity applies its collective intellect toward is solved in due time.  But in the mean time, the suggestion stands that we may be looking at the end of the world as we understand it, and the start of something very different.