Second ‘Hunger Games’ Movie, ‘Catching Fire’ is an Example of a New World Order Society

The wildly popular movie adaptation of the novel, The Hunger Games, is slated to release its second film installment in November 2013. With teasers and trailers revealed over the most couple of months, the public is craving to see what happens next to heroine Katniss, and her fellow Hunger Games victor. In addition to showing a world with similarities to Nazi Germany, the new movie also provides a glimpse into a post-apocalyptic society where the world has transformed into a police state, and the elite (viewed as the Illuminati) are in charge.

Upon viewing the trailer for The Hunger Games, several different kinds of questionable pieces of imagery and symbolism appear. For starters, the entire message of the trailer shines a light upon the differences between the common people and the elite, as well as the struggle that the greater public has against those who have more money and power than they possess. The dialogue depicted in the trailer shows the elite trying to find ways to keep the common man down, as well as send a message to the people that they will only lose if they try to question the way of the world and their current station in life.

Just as in the first installment of the Hunger Games book-to-movie is a clear separation between the haves and the have-nots. In an effort to keep their position, the higher-ups of the elite are seen making plans on how to control the greater population by sabotaging any hope they may have for change. They represent the kind of world that would occur if a New World Order agenda were allowed to become a reality. Only a select number of people are allowed to enjoy the ‘good life’ and are segregated from those who do what they have to do to survive. The world in the Hunger Games movie is a police state…one where the rules are only made by the elite.

With the release of the Hunger Game movies, you are getting a taste of just how the Illuminati and other secret societies would like the world to become. They also enjoy concealing their true agenda right where you can see it – so while movie-goers are captivated by the costumes and action scenes of the Hunger Games…the theme of the totalitarian elite starts to seem easier to swallow. These kinds of movies have a desensitizing effect on viewers, and while we process the plot as being a piece of fictitious entertainment – there are people out there that are actually working towards making it a reality.

It is also interesting to note that one of the first times that details about the Catching Fire movie became public, it was at the MTV Music Video Awards. The presentation for the movie was given by one of the actors in the film, Liam Hemsworth, who presented the official trailer. Behind him, a Saturn-like symbol burned in the background. Some of the images that flashed on a screen behind the actor were of the moon and Saturn, which is interesting since worship of this planet has been connected to the Illuminati.