Secret of Instantaneous Communication and Reality of Nature

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· Introduction· Simple Truth of Quantum Reality of Nature· The Secret of Instantaneous Communication  Â· The Structure of Quantum flow and Proof of itThe Secret of Quantum Universe and Instantaneous Communication
The Formation of Information in Biological System
Further note on Information flow and control in biological system and the secret of evolution
The secret of dark matter and energy
· Conclusion and Implications  IntroductionThe quantum science is the most evolved science. However the evolution into this science was achieved at the expense of sacrifice of reality of nature and breaking the very foundation of science. Its implications have opened hundreds and thousands of doors. The revival of spirituality, metaphysics, ancient knowledge system, and ancient medical system all are related to it. The words like mind and consciousness, which were once forbidden in science has become integral part of science and has become prominent areas of research. In short evolution of science has come one circle back to its beginning point where it isolated mind from matter and searched for the secret of nature in matter to a point where it is stressing humanity to find unity and evolve into New Order of Knowledge that not only answers the reality of nature but tells us the truth of omnipresent God that Controls it.
The Quantum science is not only a paradox for scientist who are pursuing it, but with all its mathematical intricacies is beyond perception of other scientists who are perched to various branches of science. Quantum science has now become like a religion, where everyone believes in God, His existence and powers but do not know His real nature and functioning and thus end up in giving different picture, forming different religion and creating kingdom of their own where God and His reality [living force] has little actual place. He bows to HIM with an intent in the early morning and sets out to seek his intent. His intent always is tinted with conquering motive and corruption and thus creates an environment, which suffocates him and the whole.The problem in quantum science is essentially the same as one that we witness in religion. It does not know the reality of particle and matter they deal with, it lacks the knowledge of interrelationship and oneness. Humankind today is absolutely ignorant to where his knowledge and the partial power he has gained are taking him. Any one who stops for a moment and looks back very clearly gets aware that it is leading to self-destruction. The knowledge that science has contributed has caused more disorder, unhappiness, and insecurity thus proving itself as “unreal knowledge”  The developments in quantum mechanics, in general the time, is stressing humanity to evolve into higher realm or the “Real Knowledge” virtually reviewing the foundation of both physical and spiritual science. At its core Quantum Science relates itself to the ancient mystics and their way of thinking. In short we, through our bonded mind and its selfish and material pursuit, have created a complex and confusing world and exist in world of unreal knowledge or Maya [as the ancient Vedic knowledge puts it]. The truth of nature that exists next to our skin and possibly known to the ancient spiritualist seems to be highly distanced from modern man. David Bohm, a well-known physicist said, “We must turn physics around, instead of starting with parts and showing how they work together, we must start with the whole”. It is time we stop for a moment, free our selves from all our intent and thoughts to look at the world within and out side us from a point of freedom to find the Truth of Life and how it survives. Nature and life survives by Love and Law that has an intent that is pure – to preserve life and the Pulse.As I am writing this article, the most renewed living scientist, Stephen Hawking has put a question to online community [yahoo] “ How can human race Survive the next hundred years”. It speak the helplessness of the scientific community, which till recently thought that they can control, change and manipulate nature and his destiny at his will. I wonder whether this great man ever has made any retreat. If so a simple answer to the complex question would have emerged to him. The seeds of my thought, the essence of my site was communicated innumerable times almost a decade back to him and his group, hopefully to explore the possibility of putting it into mathematical form [if it is possible]. The group perched to a branch failed to comprehend the secret of the seed and tree of which they are only a part. I wish his group takes note of this article and any reader who finds this article meaningful send a copy to them in the interest of the well being of humanity. The attention of chair and office he holds can flame this reality and give life to the crumbling world.
The Simple Truth of Quantum Reality of Nature
Here I propose certain fundamentals visions reviewing the foundation of science that hopefully makes quantum science simple and dissolves various paradoxes associated with it, brings the unity with in science and spiritual knowledge and makes grand unification that can lead us to order, peace and save us from impending disasters.  The world of Quantum science is built on certain discoveries1] Discovery of Energy Transfer in Quantum Manner by Max Planck
2] Discovery of Uncertainty principle By Heisenberg and wave particle duality
The simple way to understand quantum world now comes from certain logical statements supported by knowledge science and humanity knows from time immemorial.
Statement one – The energy [spirit] are of two types potential and kinetic and they exist as a ratio, when a potential energy in a system increases its kinetic energy decreases proportionately and vice-versa. The time taken for exchange is proportional to quantum of energy exchanged. This means time becomes the measure of energy and flow. Flow is related to non-equilibrium and therefore time and energy becomes related non-equilibrium. See article “What is Time”. Quantum mechanics or science becomes the knowledge of a piece of action that relates to non-equilibrium and exchange of energy
Statement two ”“ From statement one, there should exist two parts or two systems one giving kinetic energy and receiving potential energy and the other receiving kinetic energy and giving potential energy simultaneously. In other words there is mutual simultaneous instantaneous exchange. The intent of action is simultaneously opposed by another intent [reaction] one being dominant the other being recessive. When the action completes, the quantum of energy would have flown from the dominant to recessive and reverse action begins. In other words when the action completes its self the reaction begins and when reaction completes the action begins and they form two phases of a single coin. The process could be visualized as contraction and expansion or pulsation. The cause for such action and reaction exist in the fundamental design and principle of particle, matter and the whole system. The Fundamental Design is non-equilibrium in left and right in space such that flow occurs.1] The fundamental design of particle and its principle is to seek equilibrium.
2] Universal Design however restricts this attempt to reach equilibrium [ Read article Quantum Dance] and it is Intelligently Designed to survive.
It thus explains two fundamental aspects of nature flow and resistance to flow. The flow manifest as gravity or centripetal force and resistance to flow manifest as anti-gravity, they seem to co-exist creating pulse that results in motion that is characterized by a spin and displacement in space. Flow seems to originate from life and resistance to flow originates from the matter. Flow seems to originate form God and resistance seems to come from humankind and his mind that orients towards matter.
The problem with science and our journey or evolution into darkness and complexity can be deduced to its inability to perceive the fundamental particle and design, fundamental principle, fundamental systems, differentiate between the light particle and material particle, differentiate between living matter and non living matter in a sensible manner.
Following figures give the picture of a light particle and quantum action and reaction in it and how they go to form matter particle and how quantum action exist in them. The matter particle is simply formed from the collision of light particle or energy particle
 Quantum Danceinsert image center aligned
Quantum Matter Danceinsert image center aligned

The figure explains the flow and accompanying quantum dance of light particle and the simplest matter particle [hydrogen atom formed from spiral collision two light particles in the ratio 4:3. The structural relationship is as fallows A/B = 4:3, C/D =4:3, AB/CD = 4:3 or there is a 4:3:3:2 spiral relationships]. It should be noted that the flow results in change in the direction of the flow. The site elaborates on the quantum dance as a winding pulse that beyond a critical limit gives way to unwinding which beyond a critical limit gives way to winding forming a perpetual cycle. The whole process is accompanied by a spin and curved displacement in space and goes in cycles.
Note — the opposing flow are not directly opposite but exist at an angle and thus creates a path directed to the center and away from the center. Now we can imagine the formation of all the atoms of the periodic table from such spiral collision. Here the one formed from collision of two pairs [helium], 10 pairs [neon] and 18 pairs [argon] calls for attention for they have certain symmetry in space and its dimensions. It is important to note that space has 8 components. The simplest way to realize it is to take an apple and cut it twice vertically and once horizontally at 90 degrees through the center. It gives 8 equal components to space.
Now the hydrogen atom visualized above exists in 4 component of space and has two possible forms one right winding and other left winding. The system gains more stability in space by pairing and thus to the existence of H2 molecules. When it comes to inert element helium, it fills the space having spiral structural path in space and come to exist in two dimensions. They are also created in pairs one left winding the other right winding but they are independent in space. Their structural disposition give a form of symmetry in space and are flexible against mechanical force and can survive winding and unwinding force [heat induced] by simply turning inside out. [For more information see article “Beyond Genes” and “Physics of Soul”, “Living particle”]
When it comes to the next inert element Neon, the system has inner core and outer core. The inner core is helium and outer core consist of 8 particle filling the space, with a choice as left or right winding path. It comes to exist in three dimensions. Here inner core though separate is instinctively communicated with outer core as the system is pushed to the critical state of winding and unwinding. They come to live [protect the symmetry] and adapts to energy changes within and out side instinctively reacting to needs. When it comes to Argon atom the system comes to exist in 4 dimensions. The outer core of 8 particles forming right winding path has an opposing pair of 8 particles that has left winding orientation. Thus it takes a fourth dimension of time. Here the inner for most part becomes separated from the outer. The outer core is self opposing and thus is stable.The importance of my research work, its potential to take knowledge to higher level comes from some critical observation and deductions down to the source or the fundamentals. The most important points are  1] Life in contrast to matter is anti-gravitational in its instinctive property. It grows against gravity, sustains against gravity and survives against gravity and time direction. This opposition is well proved by the second law of thermodynamics applied to living system and material system. All Living systems thus form the breath and support of the Universe. The one exception to this living and supporting aspect of life is human beings.2] Deducing helium, neon and argon atom as the particles of life of three principle living systems, the plant animal and human system respectively. These particles have certain levels of symmetry in space and living process comes from its instinctive attempt to protect the symmetry. The information, the body and various processes of life are built to survive against gravity and misbalancing forces acting on it. Information here is a product of a balance trying to balance it self. The law is applicable to the whole
3] Visualizing the whole universe as one whole Living Argon atom that exists in two phases winding and unwinding, and has a great secret of Conquering Time directions leading to death by simply changing the direction of the flow of energy. It has living structure and process that is similar to living system and conquers time much the same way as life conquers time and perpetuates it. Which means the Universal Secret is written with in Life and it Information and design
These aspects are discussed in detail in the site – See article “Beyond Genes”, “Physics of Soul”, “The Truth”, “Quantum Dance”
The Information Flow Pattern in Systems ”“ Instantaneous Communication
All systems are divisible into three parts the outer the middle and the inner in the ratio 1:2:1. The outer forms the body the middle forms the mind field and the inner forms soul or conscious field. The spirit [non-equilibrium] manifests as a pulsating wave and holds all these fields together. It forms the medium. The movement of wave is such that it moves from one dimension to another. In short it is curvature from left to right or right left from one dimension to another with a unit movement to the center or away from the center. Three spiral movements forms one unit movement and here exist the secret of number three in energy transfer see article “Secret of Three”. This movement can be roughly figured in the following figure. Here exist the “Secret of Uncertainty”.
  Motioninsert image center aligned

 We must note that the system exists in 8-component space that has three left and right fame. The inner and outer cores are opposing and thus bring stability. Force acting on the system from any of the 8 components of the space is experienced or perceived as winding or unwinding force at the outer core by the spirit. A spontaneous or instantaneous opposite reaction happens in the opposite core [center]. This explains Bells Theorem. In other words two wave simultaneously originates, One from outer to the center the other from the center to the out side thus balancing the system.The site discusses the existence of these waves and its collapse in 4 well-defined steps. 8 well defined quantum steps completes one quantum pulse or time cycle. Each of these steps in turn contain 3 minor steps thus forming a cycle of 24 steps we see in day and night cycle and quantum exchange of energy in nature [discussed below]. As the system crosses the first quantum step or enters into the second one it becomes a relatively stable system capable of winding and unwinding by a unit. See article “Quantum Dance”, “Quantum World” and “Quantum Action”. When the system is pushed to the third critical state it reaches a 3:1 ratio and begins collapse and goes into reorganization process which expresses it self as reaction. As it reaches the 4th critical point a change in time direction occurs from the center to the outside. A second relative state is reached, but the force of time does not stop. It pushes the system to the initial state and collapse into a New Time Cycle.
The flow of information here is from body to soul the principle center and it also is communicated to mind simultaneously. Communication occurs to two centers, simultaneously. These centers then reacts trying to balance it self by changing the ratio between the left and right and thus balance the whole system. This means what decides the balance of the system is the middle portion of the 1:2:1 ratio that is given the free will. This ratio 1:2:1 and 3:1 has relevance in biological information transfer [ heredity], in social, governing and judicial and system. The basis of democracy exists in it. The action and reaction is instantaneous between two worlds but the actual process of balance is spread over 8-unit movements each comprising 3 sub units [the day and night cycle].  It can lead to diversity of reactions.The Structure of Quantum Communication
This instantaneous communication and structure of quantum action and energy exchange in can be understood from 24- unit day and night cycle and east-west relationship. When at the peak of light the seed of darkness is sowed in the west, simultaneously the east would have peaked in darkness and seed of light would have been sowed in it. So instantaneous communication and Bells Theorem is a fundamental reality of nature. The expression of quantum action that is the process of actual balancing of the system however goes through two cycles of 12 that are made of 8 units of 3. Each unit in this 24-unit cycle is curvature but the unit 3 in time cycles is a moment when the left is forced to turn right and vice versa. It happens with quantum exchange of energy. The unit 12 is critical for it is the moment of phase transition and change in the direction of the flow. This represents the fundamental process behind any action and reaction that site has discovered reviewing the foundation of science see article Quantum World and Quantum Action . The two systems that are acting and reacting can be deduced man and God, the Universal and Individuated. The ancient seems to have known this quantum secret. It is depicted in their culture.  The number 3 makes a vital reality of nature and its energy transfer. It is a secret known to right from the mechanistic era but its significance was overlooked. Large number of experiments has shown that the acceleration of interacting bodies has opposite direction and the ratio of magnitude of acceleration of these bodies is always the same. This ratio is completely independent of the nature of interaction of the bodies. It can be collision between two bodies or the interaction of the same bodies connected through a spring, thread or wire. Finally the bodies may interact without touching each other the same way as planets interact with the sun, the moon and the earth, or a magnet with a piece of iron. The magnitude of acceleration of each body can be quite different for different types of interaction but their ratio always remains 3. This means energy exchange that transforms into force acting on any particular system takes place by 3.  The ancient people knew the secret of three, the triplet code and quantum energy transfer. It is very much reflected in the ancient culture, health/medical practices, time calculations and the ways of life. It is beyond this article to go into it. But it is important we note that this number manifests in the biological information and its design that supports life. This is not mere coincidence but speaks the fundamental Quantum Design of nature.The idea that universal system is designed as an argon system with a soul that is off centered, outer body that gives rise to another center [mind] calls our attention to solar system. Our earth that inhabits life is off centered center of the whole and sun becomes the recessive center. Earth works like a double pump or heart of the living universe. When the west awakes to light and unwinds, east meets darkness and sleeps to act as a sink and vice-versa. When the seed of darkness sowed at the peak of light in the west simultaneously the east peaks with darkness and seed of light is sown in it. Nature is designed for instantaneous communication.
The Secret of Quantum Universe and Instantaneous Communication
The ultimate realization of nature comes from the knowledge that this one whole 4 dimensional system [Argon particle] with time direction is designed in such a manner that it is twisted and divided into forming a perfect balancing system that it communicates instantaneously between the left and right and works relentlessly to balance the system. The inner core because of the design takes a off centered position. Here the non equilibrium system that facilitates flow is twisted and folded in such a manner that the dominant is off centered and the recessive is centered and the spirit or non equilibrium content is spread in it as a medium of interaction between the left and right. The system is capable of winding and unwinding by a unit. However when it is pushed to a winding limit or unwinding limit, it begins to collapse by reorganizing it self. See article Quantum Dance
In its relative state the system exist between two limits [as a balance], any action on one side is communicated instantaneously to the opposite through the medium and the opposite reacts simultaneously opposing it. The non equilibrium is distributed, dissipated and absorbed or balanced in the cycle of 24 unit movements. See Article “ Quantum Dance”, “Gravastar” for more explanation.
In short – The Quantum Dance and energy flow, the instantaneous communication and time bound communication that baffles the modern world could be understood from day and night cycle and energy flow in which we live but failed to observe. When west awakes to light and unwinds, simultaneously the east meet darkness and winds to act as a sink and vice-versa. The seed of darkness is sown in the height of light in the west simultaneously the seed of light is sown in the height of darkness in the east. The earth thus seems to work as double pump or heart and what drive the direction of time is the mind of humans. Such is the design of nature.   

East and Westinsert image center aligned

Here the one whole non-equilibrium four-dimensional system [Argon Atom] is twisted and enfolded to form a balance or two cycles that co exists like a number 8. The non-equilibrium is concealed in the system. The balance thus created has two centers one of them belongs to the soul and the other belongs to the cover. The enfoldment makes the soul center to come to lie off-centered and gets placed in the recessive and the center of the cover come lie in the dominant and becomes apparent center of the whole. See “Quantum Dance”. The off centered center goes to form the soul/heart. [In the universal system earth seems to form the soul] and the recessive center goes to form the mind [for the universal system the sun seems to take this position]. The spirit or the non- equilibrium or energy is now distributed in the whole and forms a perceiving medium. An action anywhere in the whole body is perceived by the medium and results in instantaneous communication and opposing reaction form the soul, which works to balance the system.   Now since the basic design is non-equilibrium, the action originates from the dominant and reaction of the recessive cannot be equal. The spirit perceives the disturbance as information and communicates to the core. Since the basic instinct is to maintain equilibrium and the heart functions distributing, dispersing the non equilibrium and neutralizing it. It works against the gravity and time direction. [helium is known to produce a flow uphill, It is called “Superfluid” see article “Gravastar”]. In case of plant kingdom it is spontaneous, there is a direct communication with the soul. Soul it self acts as the basal dynamic information unit or heart that controls the flow. But in animal and human kingdom, there is a body to the soul. Thus it forms a mind, which function as a link between the inner and outer levels of information. The human kingdom is different from animal in its basic design. In its ordinary state it is separated from the soul and works from the mind field and information units or indirect perception. For the universal system the planets form the dynamic information unit transmitting the forces and maintaining the balance. [No wonder the astrology is part of ancient eastern knowledge system] the following figure gives the flow of information  

Information flowinsert image center aligned

The perception relates to change in the energy state of the medium and this is instantaneous. Every system from a simple hydrogen atom to complex human system and the whole has a medium within its design and exist in the medium of the whole. Every atom, every system perceives the change in the medium instantaneously and initiates quantum reaction from the center. The information is also communicated to the brain. The communication with brain has two paths one of them actualizes depending on the direction of the force. However the heart does the control of the flow and thus the balancing act. The flow is always initiated from the dominant, which means the reaction from the recessive cannot match the dominant and time gets a direction. The design of the heart to left side now is not accidental but is apart of the design, so too is the Bicuspid and Tricuspid valves. It is interesting that Biblical Creation starts with a Law forbidding mankind to seek from the center, which in a way tells us not to conquer the opposite there by strain the heart and life to collapseThis balancing process is more flexible and direct in plant system. It has two level of freedom. In contrast to this animal system has one level of freedom and human system has no freedom. Here the balancing process is mediated by mind see article Beyond Genes and Physics of Soul
By design mankind is incapable communicating with the inner core in ordinary circumstances. The fact that humankind lives largely by his mind and information units and since information units are made from matter, the mind of man orients it self to gravity and thus against life. No wonder Bible speaks of Creation of Humans along with a law not to seek the center! The secret of Calvary then is attainment of life in faith and mind death. Human mind sees the Truth by His Graceful act at Calvary, which completes it self before Universal Time Changes and initializes into New Time Cycle. Time cycle is the product of human mind that sets out to conquer and corrupt nature. The order to this endangered world now fully rests on His Grace.
The Formation of Information in Biological System
The information in biological system are built up one as a process of systems inherent resistance to external force acting on it at any moment of the 24 hour cycle divided into 8 units of three. Every quantum step is a step where the system is forced to change its direction from left to right and vice-versa. There is natural instinct for the system to resist the unbalancing force acting on it. There is a moment before the actual change happens. At these moments the balance tries to add or delete unit to left and right pans such that the balance can be strengthened. The process of information build up and development of various complex structure and processes has its root here. More about it is discussed in the site. What is important to note is that Information in plant system is built directly on the soul, the information in animal and human kingdom is built on the body of the soul
Further note on Information Flow and control in Biological System and the Secret of Evolution
Information flow is a process that helps the system to survive. It has two components the perception of information [energy change] and transfer of information to execute an action to attain the objective of balancing the system. The perception is spontaneous because the design of the system is so. The execution aspect is influenced by the day and night cycle. Day and night cycle depicts a typical Quantum Energy Transfer in Nature that helps the system to balance it selfFundamental to life is its origin from single cell called embryo. This embryo is formed from a reduced female cell into which the essence of the reduced male enters [In normal cases along with a copy of built up information]. My search for origin and evolution as discussed in Beyond Genes and Physics of Soul goes beyond the cell level to the particle behind life to energy level of life that in a way uniquely answers all the creation and evolution discussed in physical science as well as spiritual science. [See article Gravastar]
All the information and the complexity of life, the various organs, the processes, we witness are the product of its struggle to survive against the fluctuation in energy in the environment. The fluctuation is both positive and negative so it is improper to say nature has a directed evolution. In fact evolution and involution co-exist.
Helium atom is a simple symmetrical system without a cover. So it need not have well developed communication system to control various processes. In fact the medium it self act as communication medium for reaction and control process. But in animal and human system [neon and argon] that has a body around the soul the information and control is mediated through a brain. The process is described in the figure above. I am speaking the most fundamental principle behind life and living nature.The perception is instantaneous and instinctive and it fires the opposite reaction instantaneously. The process however takes place in 24 unit cycles divided into 8 units of 3 and two distinct cycles of 12. The process involves all the information it developed in order to survive against time or energy fluctuations. What we deal with while studying life is the action and reaction process that is designed to self-organize over a Time Frame. Each cell is complete system by itself but its information is truncated so that it does a set of assigned function and relates it with central information system. Information is processed and managed to create a chain of related actions that on the whole serves the basic purpose. Here the flow of information to the center through the spirit is instantaneous however the transformation of the information to body through the mind to maintain various process takes in time and is influenced by the energy changes in the environment that goes through 24 unit cycle.
The information management is simple in plant system. I even suggested testing the hypothesis by subjecting helium atom to near critical state of unwinding and its potential to develop primitive information system at near critical state. The knowledge of helium as a Superfluid based on which physicist have developed the Gravastar Theory of origin is an indirect proof.
All biological system and material system is bound to the Universal Time Cycle. So they are forced to change according the change occurring in the energy flow in the system in which they are enclosed and the second law of thermodynamics. The basal energy flow exists in the design in the form 24 hour day and night cycle and its variation. [Today everything in nature is forced to live with great aberration that humankind is creating by his basic ignorance of inter relationship with nature and energy flow init. Much of the natural catastrophes are related with it]
The helium and plant kingdom simply takes the winding force [potential] and leaves it as unwinding force [kinetic] and vice-versa and in the process it also accumulates energy and matter producing growth. The information unit here is a dynamic unit consisting of 4 pairs. In contrast the information units in animal and human systems are developed on the outer core they are basically 8 pair unit and 16 pair units respectively – See Dynamic Information.
The Secret of Dark Matter and Energy
It is said in all ancient philosophies and spiritual knowledge that man is made in the image of God. The Bible tells us that the Lord gave everything to the one He created in his image to rule over. However He placed one law not to seek the center. But mankind seeks the center and thus creates time direction to death. The System Design tells that by design mankind is separated from the soul and come to exist largely on the mind and mind centered life. It seeks his “self” and works to conquer and corrupt nature of which it is a part. Bible tells us Creator made a self-sacrifice at Calvary to give New Life. This self sacrifice is written in the Vedas – This self-sacrifice can now be deduced, to essence of the father entering the womb of the mother to create anew body out of the old for it to rest and thus conquer time perpetuate in it. The cause for time and time direction comes from Humans. Here we have assume the manifestation of soul, the central system, which holds the information of the whole body in enfolded form.
The quantum science to day concludes that human mind and his consciousness [The self of Mankind] has great influence on nature and it’s functioning. In fact human mind has the capacity to make what is uncertain into certainty. Quantum science calls it the Collapse of Quantum Wave Function. The lab experiments have shown that the collapse is a physical process within the brain.  This brings to picture human intent as he seeks knowledge. The mind and knowledge is power that drives motion. It works like a drill. It takes energy from the system and stores it as dark energy. Human mind with negative intent is the source of dark energy. This brings up a moral touch to quantum science and relates to moral science of spiritual world. Mankind and his mind seek Knowledge with intent, the intent of the mind of man manifest as conquering motive and corruption. It aligns with gravity and against the basic instinct of life. Thus the spiritual knowledge of the ancient teaches us to conquer ones own mind to see the truth of nature and God.  Nature of God is life ”“ Ever Lasting Life. This takes us to the ancient philosophies and the spiritual knowledge. Here the Christian philosophy calls for special attention.God Knew that mankind can never seek the center with a good intent and thus placed the law not to seek the center. As time powered by human intent leads it self to gravitational collapse, the Universal Life or God manifested to view it form good intent [Pure Love] and thus conceive a New Time. Thus He came to live as Immanuel or one with Humankind in this world. It could be compared to Fathers essence entering the womb of the mother to create new out of the old. What was conceived need to be delivered or initialized and thus God said He would come again. He knew that not only is the heart of mankind inferior but his mind also inferior and need his intervention. The Observer and Controller will observe with a pure intent such that the Universal Wave Collapses  and reality strikes mankind and initializes Him to Kingdom of God or Dharma Yuga before the inferior mind of mankind takes it to destruction.It is apparent that the modern world is unstable. The instability has increased manifold from 2000. Scientific reports shows that the whole solar system is undergoing some transformation. See article 2012 and Universal Quantum Wave Collapse. We are witnessing unusual event of huge magnitude in outer space, natural catastrophes have increased many fold and also in its magnitude, the climate is changing and fluctuating drastically endangering the very survival of life. Individual, family, society and nations are restless and unstable, leading to war and terrorism. Death is written all along the wall of the abode man lives in. Unless the Lord acts to reveal the reality there is little scope for our survival.The Calvary is the point of Gravitational collapse. The Lord averted it with a pure intent of the heart. The time direction was changed from center to the periphery and Human beings were given Free Will. Mind of humanity now began to drive the system to another limit or anti-gravitational collapse. Lord knew humanity has to be saved to initialize the Time Cycle. See article ”“ “Gravastar”. Thus Jesus said I would come again. The Christians formed a religion out of the “Words of Life’ Jesus spoke and “Act of Life” that Jesus did. Christianity became subservient to matter and wealth. The Good News got covered with dust. Thus instead of order, peace and happiness, disorder, unhappiness, insecurity engulfed humanity. In short before Calvary, from the initialization of Time and Law God existed as Kinetic source and His mind supported the world. At Calvary He became Potential force and hid His Kinetic force. Giving Free Will to the mind of humankind and His kinetic force. [No wonder ancient Vedic scholars differentiated two forms of heat]. Since the discovery of quantum science mankind has begun to realize his limits and his futile attempt to conquer nature. The spiritual aspect thus has becomes alive out of this disorder. The evolution is forcing us to observe ourselves and discover the “Universal Self” of which we are only a part.The controller is in total control. Unlike the human mind and its intelligence manifesting as “self” with negative intent of conquering and corrupting and leading the whole to disorder and death, the “Universal Self” or the “Mind of God” manifest as Love and works to bring order and life. You don’t have to search another planet for human to survive all you have to do is to search our own “self” and submit to the “Universal Self”I am tempted to call an experiment described in the book “Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav that described the enfolded order that is not readily apparent. The experiment goes like this. Into a large hollow cylinder a small cylinder is placed and in the space between them is filled with glycerin. Now suppose we place a drop of ink, the ink remains intact. Now if we rotate the inner cylinder clockwise the ink spreads in opposite direction making line, which grows thinner and thinner and eventually disappears. The ink droplet is now in enfolded state, but it is still there. When we rotate the cylinder in opposite direction slowly the ink droplets begins to reform to initial state.
I would put this experiment in slightly different manner. I would imagine two droplets one on the left and right. And two cylinders one turning clockwise and the other turning anti-clockwise one being big other small by a ratio 4:3. Each of these droplets should be visualized as similar system, as longs as the two droplets spin in relation to the outer spin the everything is fine. But when they begin to turns the opposite way, stress built on the whole system for they siphon matter away from the whole system and store them as dark energy. The central pair that revolves then is forced to change the direction. Conclusion and Vital ImplicationsThe universe is a living and self-organizing system. It is guided by a simple design and principle that exist behind life. It conquers time and perpetuates just as living system does. The fundamental principle is non-equilibrium and attempts to seek equilibrium. But nature is intelligently designed to work against it. It is designed like a human life. GOD is Life and the universe is the body in which it exists. We are individuated universes existing to the left and right of the one whole living system.
The human heart perceives instantaneously and controls the flow maintaining the balance of the system. It works against time and Second law of Thermodynamics. Human mind that seeks “self” breaks the law, manifest as conquering motive and corruption. By its ignorance it orients with matter and creates a time direction. The “self ”, in other words mind and consciousness of human beings becomes the storehouse of dark energy. By his action He also stores lot of negative energies in the earths core and its environment by disrupting the natural time cycle and energy transfer and balancing process. They erupt in Quantum Time Cycles of nature. They are bound to become intensive and highly destructive at the boundary when the Universal Quantum Wave Collapses under human quest to conquer and corrupt nature and begins to change the Direction of Time. We are going through the “Tribulation Period”, where humanity is being stressed to evolve from “Inferior knowledge” to “Superior knowledge”. There will be great natural catastrophes, war, terrorism and all forms of destruction before the Living and Loving nature of Universal Life manifests to deliver us from “Tribulation”. I am only a servant, a prodigal son who returned to His house. We all are supposed to return to Him.
Knowledge out to have brought order, peace, security and happiness, but the modern knowledge has produced opposite results. Today individuals, family, society, nations are restless, insecure and in total disorder. We have created hell out of heaven and slowly inching towards self-destruction. We are acting from the base of unreal knowledge, that knows nothing about the inter relationship and oneness of nature. Unless we realize Truth and Real knowledge there is little scope for human survival. The survival now exists in the Grace of God that reveals to lead us from the mouth of death to Living Kingdom of God. The Quantum Reality discussed above has the potential for innumerable simple nature compatible technique and technologies. Within my limits I have experimented and found proofs for many of them. It has potential influence every field of science. But some how I could never sit up to write about it or pursue it. My human nature attempted it several times, but every time I sit up to write I end up reviewing the basic thought and rewriting it. At some time I even decided not to reveal what nature and Lord revealed. Since 2000, the duty to which I am called for became clearer and clearer.The great masters of time, the Mayans, have calculated the end of time and the beginning of New Time to 2012. I am not a master of it. Yet it seems to have substance. Scientific reports tell that many great celestial and geological events coincide in that year. We seem to going through the period of Tribulation. The survival human being exist in revelation of truth such that mankind repents and returns as “Prodigal Son”. This process can turn the immense negative energy into positive and constructive one. It changes the rule from the hand of darkness to hand of Light. It can change the face of the world form disorder to order and Time change or transition process can end up in happiness of entry into the Kingdom of God or Dharma YugaAs a duty I keep tapping the doors of temples of science and religion. I don’t how much destruction is a necessity before human offices opens their senses.
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