Secret of Quantum Action, Reaction and Exchange of Energy – The Truth fo Nature

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We have understood that the energy is exchanged in quantum manner. An exchange is an action and every action is accompanied by a reaction. However, we are ignorant about the process involved in the exchange [action and reaction]. We are at loss to explain the principle that guides it, the qualitative states involved in it that lead to organization and build up of complexity out of the simplicity. It is important that we elucidate these aspects and understand the basic interrelationship and oneness to save our self from destruction to which our partial knowledge of matter [unreal knowledge] is leading.

To understand this vital aspect let us come out of our mindset and review the knowledge base we have acquired. When we stand out and review our knowledge systems few fundamental aspects calls our attention.

1] Motion and a directed flow is the fundamental aspect of nature manifesting as force, but this aspect is not alone. It is assisted by a resistive force or flow that works against motion. These forces should co-exist in the minutest part of the whole as well as the whole because motion is the fundamental aspect of nature and its parts.

2] These two forces or energy or mass cannot be equal because equality of opposing forces cannot produce any motion. This means one of these force is dominant and the other recessive in other words they exist as a ratio. One of them being dominant by a quantum of energy when compared to the other and this energy flows constantly. This means a minute part as well as the whole has two parts left and right between which the flow occurs

3] Since motion and flow are fundamental to nature and the fact that nature never seizes to exist, means motion and flow is perpetual. This invariably means the nature is designed to overcome the resistance such that a quantum flow of energy occurs from dominant to recessive in such a manner that the ratio is reversed and the quantum reverse flow occurs. [4:3 ¡ê 3:4] leading to a
Quantum Dance
. This constitutes action and reaction.

The cause is inherent and exists in the non-equilibrium design. The discovery and elucidation of fundamental process, its cause, how it affects all aspect of nature and human life is the fundamental aim of the site discussed repeatedly in all the articles.

How the process of action and reaction occurs


Since opposition to flow and motion is an essential reality, we can underline few fundamentals

1] There is a left and right to the system. Every particle, as well as the multitude of the system we witness in nature and the whole should have this classification. One of them is dominant the other is recessive.

2] There is a cause for action

3] The action and reaction cannot be spontaneous. It should take some time frame. It does not necessarily mean there is no
instantaneous communication

The action and reaction and quantum exchange of energy is best understood from the 24-hour day and night cycle and east and west separation. The 24-hour cycle consist of 8 units of 3 and comprises of 2 cycles of 12.  The fig-1 explains the day and night cycle and energy flow in it. When the west awakes to light and unwinding [expansion] the East simultaneously sleeps to darkness and winds [contraction]. When the light peaks in the west, the seed of darkness is sowed in it and simultaneously the east peaks in darkness and seed of light is sowed in it and vice-versa. It together forms the breath where the spirit or energy moves and supports. The fundamental design, action and reaction thus have instantaneous communication in it.

Energy flow in 24 [8 ¡¿3] units that results in quantum motion that is accompanied by spin and displacement. The green circle represents life force and the red represent the opposing force that is stabilizes it. This basic flow is also associated with random aberration due to the action of life on the left and right. The whole is structured in such a manner that this random aberration becomes neutralized by instantaneous communication. A time direction to such aberration comes from human mind that sets out to conquer nature. There are two possible direction one to the center and the other away from the center [contraction and expansion]

Fig -1


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How can one explain the Complexity of nature we witness from the above Fundamentals?

The above cycle of 24 unit consisting of 8 units of three and 2 cycles of 12 is the Secret of Quantum Reality.  However to explain the diversity of nature we must elucidate the basic design and principle of nature

The basic design is non-equilibrium and basic principle or instinct is to seek equilibrium but the design forbids the instinct because equilibrium is death and cessation of all motion. This means the Nature/ the universe is designed to perpetuate.  Does it mean second law of thermodynamics is non existing? No, it simply means that second law directs to death but nature has some method by which it survives it. To understand it let us elucidate

The following figure [figure – 2] of action and reaction


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The action and reaction constitute 24 units divided into two cycles and is made of 8 units of 3.  4 of these units represent action and the other 4 reaction.  The unit three constitutes a journey to a critical point where the left is forced to turn right and vice-versa. Every action has three critical points. First, second and third, as the system reaches the third critical point it collapses inverses thus reacts changing the direction of flow to come to the original point.

At every critical point, the system breaks down and exchanges energy by a unit 3. The proof does exist in the observation known to science but escaped our attention 

Proof – Large number of experiments have shown that the acceleration of interacting bodies have opposite direction and the ratio of magnitude of acceleration of these bodies is always the same. This ratio is completely independent of the nature of interaction of the bodies. It can be collision between two bodies or the interaction of the same bodies connected through a spring, thread or wire. Finally the bodies may interact without touching each other the same way as planets interact with the sun, the moon and the earth, or a magnet with a piece of iron. The magnitude of acceleration of each body can be quite different for different types of interaction but their ratio always remains 3.  This means force interaction or energy exchange occurs by a factor 3

The Basic Truth of Quantum Reality

The basic truth of quantum reality is one divided into two that manifest as the separation of west, east, and the movement of light creating dark and light cycle. The two cycles coexist simultaneously one being recessive and opposing at any moment to the other. This opposition in fact is the strength on which the system exists. All the particles, systems both material and living  in nature is enclosed in the above energy cycle that manifest as winding and unwinding and is influenced by it. They are governed by the same design and principle that guides the whole. A system that exist in such energy cycle can come into being to the left or right of the whole system and exist in any one place left or right at any one moment not both. This means

1] The systems are created in pairs in the whole system

2] When we speak of winding and unwinding, the system can have two options left or right. At any moment, the system, which are winding equals the system that is unwinding. The system that is right winding equals the left winding.

3] Since the universe is one, at any moment it has one direction left or right, winding or unwinding

The picture of the world we live in from the above becomes a random and self-balancing one where the disturbance disturbing the basic flow can have positive or negative influence on the universal system and its flow. However, by design it is random and is Instantaneously Communicated such that disturbance in one part is balanced by equal and opposite action on the opposite.  The degree of opposition and in favor can vary depending on position and momentum of the system in relation to the whole and thus takes individuality. No two systems can take the same position in the above flow. The disturbance is communicated instantaneously See article ¡°
Instantaneous Communication
¡±. However, the reaction that works to balance the system abides by the time cycle. It appears random but in reality the system has an over all predictability and tendency which we will see later.


The Complexity that arises out of Simplicity

The important question is how the baffling diversity of systems and organization process comes into being. The answer is simple. It comes from the resistance and which manifest as creativity. Now since the basic design is non-equilibrium and the basic instinct is to seek equilibrium, which manifest as gravity it means the left winding system pairs with right winding system and vice-versa such that the resistance increases and this is the beginning point of the formation of elements, compounds and complex structures. This formation of group increases the stability of the system against the external forces disturbing its existing equilibrium and helps it to move into higher state of equilibrium.  I am here speaking the fundamentals behind the organization and complexity. It has spatial qualitative and quantum dimension. It should be recalled that the chemistry speaks of single double and triple bonds. The site notes that before every critical point there is period of uncertainty at which the system struggles to resist change. The creativity and organization occurs in this period. This concept of organization of simple system into complex system can understood from a fluctuating balance to which the substance are attached or detached in order to attain equilibrium. The process leads to build up of complex body out of a simple process.

Now comes two important questions

1] What causes the disturbance that leads to organization through increased gravity?

2] As such, the design of energy cycle of the whole or the day and night cycle [the action and reaction] appears as never ending process. Now the question appears how a time direction comes into this system or is the whole system beyond second Law of thermodynamics. No, second law of thermodynamics is the most evident reality of nature both at the micro and macro level of action and reaction. [This is discussed in the site].

The magnitude of heat released into the quantum 24-hour cycle by our intervention into nature is increasing not only steadily but also abruptly [example – explosion of bombs]. This actually is causing the disturbance in the under lying 24 hour quantum flow of nature. This disturbance is manifesting as non-equilibrium and non-equilibrium stresses the nature makes its flow faster and faster until it reaches critical point at which the Quantum wave associated with quantum world breaks down and goes into inversion [reacts] to gain New order.  Read article ¡°
Universal Quantum Wave collapse

3] This leads us to the conclusion the cause for time direction and death comes from Human mind and his intelligence that breaks the law and takes a negative approach. No wonder the ancient knowledge system understood Knowledge of ¡°self¡± as the highest Knowledge and the creation described in Bible begins with a law to humankind not to seek from the tree at the center. It becomes important at this stage to understand the difference between living system and material system

Difference between Living System and Material System and Knowing the Ultimate Truth of Nature

The second law of thermodynamic applied to material system and living system show two opposing tendency one tends from order to disorder, the other tends from order to increasing order. It is common observation that the life constantly works and grows against gravity or is Anti-gravitational and is gifted to perpetuate it self with information build up, its maintenance and transmittance. This opposition point to certain fundamental difference between matter and living organization.

1] Matter is associated with gravitational property. Gravitational property is based on non-equilibrium, is centripetal, and is manifested by an instinct to seek equilibrium.  Logically this means the action of life should be opposite and should have its origin in some particles or system that has some form of equilibrium and the systems are working constantly to protect it. See article ¡°
Beyond Genes
¡± and ¡°
Physics of Soul

2] This means that, instinctively the organization and formation of complexity out of simplicity in material world has one direction but the organization and complexity in life has opposite direction to it.

3] The separation of one into two the formation of East and west makes one world into two, each is being balanced by itself and the whole is balanced by quantum design and flow of energy. The division can continue but the principle becomes applicable to each divided system. This is comparable to a magnet which when divided become two magnets. The only difference here is that the two poles are life and matter. The conclusion is that nature cannot be understood in isolation of life and its action.

4] When we take life and its action as a force sustaining the universe then human actions on nature calls for special attention. This takes us back to the ancient spiritual knowledge system and the philosophies that center around two system man and God. God being the creator, sustainer, and man being the created with a law not to seek the center [Not to destroy the balance of creation]. The Vedic knowledge of Universal Consciousness and Universal intelligence and individuated consciousness and intelligence calls for special attention. The universe appears as unfolding and enfolding of intelligence or light. Knowledge of light or intelligence is ultimate knowledge 

5] Modern Knowledge is Unreal Knowledge for it does not understand the basic inter relationship and oneness. Knowledge out have brought peace, order, happiness, security. The results of modern knowledge speaks the opposite clearly proving that it is unreal and the intelligence is directed negatively toward self-destruction. The situation is stressing human consciousness and intelligence to evolve into higher level such that it can survive the time change and survive the
Universal Quantum Wave Collapse
.  The signs of this collapse and reaction are evident in the instability of individual family, community, nations, the climate, the solar system and the unusual events being recorded in distant space. Nature cannot be destroyed it is designed to return the action back as reaction and unless humanity awakes to true knowledge and convert the negative energies into positive one the years ahead will be highly destructive and miserable. The four forces of nature will become increasingly become destructive, individuals, families and communities stressed becomes negative and destructive, the only way out to is to know the Truth of Nature and yield to it.

The Basic Cause for Action and Reaction

The nature exists with the basic design of one divided into two and is
intelligently designed
to survive by the Universal Intelligence pervading the Universal consciousness. The intent of Universal Intelligence is Pure and it holds the life giving principle.  The death comes because of the impure intelligence of humankind that manifest as conquering motive which works against the consciousness breaking principle law or commandment and all the derived laws.  The secret of How Universal intelligence conquers death is explored in the site. It simple follows the same principle by which all life survives and conquers time.