Secret of Quantum Pulsating World that Perpetually Exists in Time Cycles

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Einstein’s work has shown us matter is nothing but energy enfolded. Our attempts to seek the fundamental particle led to a situation where particle vanish and emerge spontaneously from a see of energy. In this see of energy life exist in pulsating form; the matter exists in pulsating form. Nature it self is designed in a pulsating manner. The earth and the solar system that inhabits life appear vital to this pulsation. As the west awakes to light and begins to unwind, the east meets darkness and sleeps to wind and vice-versa. The spark of light and darkness are ignited simultaneously in the opposite and change pole in cycles. The earth appears to works as double pump or heart of the universe.  A flow necessitates the existence of non-equilibrium. So at any one moment one of them the west or the east should exist as dominant. They should exist as a ratio so that flow occurs. The ratio I proposed from the Quantum Knowledge is 4:3. The east and west are opposite but they form one. A number 8 with its arms existing in a ratio 4:3 can express this opposition and unity. This nature exists with right or left twist.


The truth of this world and time cycle could now be understood in a simple manner. It is expressed in the figure


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 The Living Universe


The above figure represents the relationship of the earth sun and the planets and its existence in Time Cycles. The earth that is inhabited by life takes an off centered position similar to the heart and Sun takes the middle position like the brain in a human system. The universal field bisects the earth. It is designed in such a manner that when west awakes to light and life and starts to unwind, the matter and life in the east meets darkness and begins to sleep [wind]. Two opposing phenomenon occurs simultaneously. It is so designed that at the peak of light the seed of darkness is sowed in the west and simultaneously the east peak with darkness and seed of light is sowed in it. The cycles now change direction. This results in the classical pulse of the heart or the double pump. The cycle of time is made of 8, units of 3 components, 4 units of six components, 2 units of twelve components. In it exists the secret of quantum action and reaction, which is discovered in the site reviewing the very foundation of science. Each component of 3 forms a subtle cycle, 4 such subtle cycles crates on cycle [contracting or expanding depending on the time direction]. Two such cycles completes one pulse, the expanding and contracting of the system


Note ”“ The 8planets form the dynamic information unit.


All life is essentially or instinctively anti-gravitational in its property. It works against the gravity of matter. The universe is designed to be random and self-sustaining, with multitude of life existing on both side of the universal field. The pulse could have been infinite. But the existence of mankind made in the image of God makes the difference. He is a four dimensional entity with time direction. Bible tells us that he was created along with a law ”“ not to seek the center. But by his nature he seeks the center and thus creates direction of time to death. To understand the truth of this creation we must observe our self and nature from a point of freedom. All life follows the time cycle awaking and sleeping to facilitate nature to function. The only exception is mankind he breaks the time or energy cycle. Mankind lives by his mind and the sensory in put he is attached to matter than the spirit. His mind is self-centered and he works with a conquering motive and corruption. A time direction emerges from mankind and His mind. Though by his instinct he is anti-gravitational by his mind he becomes gravitational. Under this direction of time the universal field and its pulsating strength weakens. Energy gets negatively stored in the mind and body of humanity, in earth and the atmosphere by his action. Imagine here the body cells not co-operating with life force. This means the living universe struggles for life force and reaches a gravitational collapse. At this vital moment the living universe and all the creation is in danger. A new creation or new pulse should form here to conquer time and perpetuate life force. All Life conquers time perpetuates by a process of reproduction in which the essence of the male enters the female to create a new body out of the old to conquer time. Could it be possible that living universe follows the same process as life reveals to us. For the Universal life the Spirit is the Father and the Created field is the mother or the body


It is here that importance of knowledge of Calvary shines [please do not mistake me to be promoting any religion I oppose all religion, I propose knowledge that can take us to higher level to bring order]. In Calvary spirit reduces it self, showing its feminine face to get conceived into the field or the body to support it and give it a new pulse from within. The time direction is changed the gravitational collapse turns into an expansion. Man is given free will to take His path or their own path. The Lord the spirit was quite aware mankind would take the whole thing to another limit. The anti-gravitational collapse. So Christ said He will come again as spirit or light to lead us to the Kingdom of God. This is the cycle of Universal Time. Light signifies knowledge. In other words Lords spirit will reveal the knowledge before the Quantum wave collapse occurs such that humanity can take control of it.


The ancient knew this secret of time and time cycle or the deterioration of knowledge and entry into darkness and reentry into light. The Vedic teaching, Mayan Knowledge, I-Ching, the Bible and Koran all speak it so loudly but we have turned deaf to it. Human kind has created untruth out of truth for his “self” and has become submissive to death force. The spiritualist who out have been light bearers fighting darkness, simply has covered up truth by religion and thrive subservient to material force. The light has three properties, actinic, calorific, and luminiferous. A spiritualist of modern time lacks it very much. Being bound by a religion he is acting towards “self”, he does not act, because he has no true content that can shine. The result is the disorder, destruction instability at all levels. Justice that is vital to the survival of the system has become commodity purchasable by material power.


All this will change when the light reveals it self. One must note that science came into existence in the west when the church was virtually ruling the masses with fear and had amassed material wealth. The science has evolved one cycle back to where it started. It started by separating mind from matter and seeking truth in matter. With quantum science it has come one circle to say that some how mind and consciousness influences nature and it’s functioning. This calls for a thorough review of science and religion from a point of freedom and clearly indicates that some force is in control of evolution and all developments. It is time we seek the fundamental design and principle on which nature is constructed


The knowledge of Mayans about time cycles appears quite superior. [There seem to be some relation with living design in their calculations ”“ I am must admit I am yet to study it in depth] Their prediction of 2012 as end of time and beginning of new time calls for attention. It is appears like the time and date given by a doctor to pregnant women. The Universal Quantum wave is Collapsing for good. No force on earth can stop this collapse. It is powered by the highest force- the call of universal consciousness for Justice. The universal consciousness and intelligence is stressing humanity to evolve into higher knowledge. The rapid increase in natural catastrophes, both in its magnitude and intensity invariably means, the quantum wave associated with quantum universe is already collapsing and the earth and atmosphere is trying to dispel the negative energy caught within it. It is stressing the consciousness of individuals, family, community, society, and the nations to evolve into higher order. Unless the negative energies are neutralized mankind would face unbearable pain and destruction. These negative energies are the product of human mind and its negative action and a retreating mind and consciousness can neutralize it and smoothen the transition. A prerequisite for a True Retreat is True knowledge.


The spiritualist of modern world is submissive to materialist giving the rule of light into darkness. Light has to come from darkness, so I reviewed science from a point of freedom, unearthing the fundamental design and principle on which nature is constructed. I am aided and guided by the spirit within me and out side. I believe only knowledge will help initialize the world into order. For it satisfies both the scientist and spirtualist. As a biologist I have limitations to explain what I discovered from nature and its spirit, in mathematical manner but I have struggled to put it in a sensible manner. I am only a student you are the Judge.


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