Secret of Time Cycle – Perpetuation Life and the Living Universe

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The ancient Knowledge tells us that everything is crated in time, destroyed in time and created again. The nature has only one force that is Time. In it exists God the Creator and Dissolver and Perpetuator. This force manifest in two in separable forms; winding and unwinding that are one. The force of time can only exist one form at any moment the other exists recessive or hidden. In other words they exist as a ratio.


The life survives the force of time, when apparently two different system male and female which are one, reduces and dissolves and becomes one in the womb and then divides again to create again. I am calling your attention here to the reproduction in life. Could it be possible that the living universe adopts a similar process to create and perpetuate in time cycle. Let us explore this aspect


When we isolate our “self” from our enquiry and attain freedom from our mind and then observe nature from a point of freedom then nature reveals the simple secrets and the knowledge that we struggle to attain. Two aspect stand out as we observer nature from a point of freedom


1] Three are only two forces in nature, winding and unwinding

2] The one whole nature is divided into two such that it balances. When west awakes to light and starts unwinding, the east meets darkness to wind and vice-versa. They are mutual opposite but are one. The life flows in this cycle. We can imagine here a number 8 with a chosen twist left or right. In order to account for the flow we can visualize a ration 4:3 such that quantum spirit flows left to right perpetually making the system exist two alternating state.


3] The most evident aspect of nature is time cycles with two opposing phases.  The most prominent is 24-hour cycle i which manifest as the day and night. These cycles is made up 8 components of 3 units. Where left turns right and vice-versa. They could be understood as subtle cycles of energy. The 24 hour cycle thus has 4 cycles of 6 components and two cycles of 12 components. As we extend this cycle we see that nature has subtle 15 days cycle, 30 days cycle, 3 months cycle, 6 month cycle, 12 month cycle [which we experience as climatic cycle], 6 years cycle, 12 years cycle and so on. When extended, we note that there should be a minimum and maximum for a time cycle. In other words there should be a beginning and end and new beginning to time cycle.


4] Nature has two possible time directions one directed to the minimum and the other to the maximum and some great phenomenon should occur at these maximum and minimum if the universe should survive.


5] All matter by instinct is gravitational and all life by instinct is anti-gravitational. The second law of thermodynamics applied to matter and life shows this truth. So nature and the gravitational collapse in time seem to be sustained from the instinctive force of life and design of nature.


The whole thing is designed in a very simple manner that is known to every cardiologist. When the light and expansion is triggered in the west, night and contraction is triggered simultaneously in the east and vice-versa. So that there always exist a receiver and giver and perpetual exchange and flow. This gives us the function of the heart that sustains the life of a living system.


We can now understand the secret of nature and creation from analyzing this simple reality that is so evident to us. The design has two components one left and right that is balanced with a center or pivot on which it exist. Time and movement begins in such a balance when the law of balance is broken with right seeking the left and vice-versa. I am tempted to call how Bible speaks creation with one Law not to seek the center with self [negative approach]. One can compare it to a family of three, father and two sons [elder and younger]. The law forbids elder trying to conquer the younger or corrupting the center. The law has an opposite it allows seeking the opposite with Love [positive approach]. Seeking the opposite with “self” invariably creates friction and stress on the center and the very creation. But the center balances it self by the design by transferring the forces in opposing manner.


Every thing in nature can only exist to the left or the right of the center and can never be on both sides at the same time. The mankind who is made in the image of the creator can only exist to the left or right of the center. By his position he is limited to know or have complete perception or cognition of the whole. The true knowledge or perception or cognition is possible to one who is in the center.  He who is at the center perceives instantaneously time and minute changes anywhere in the field. Mankind who seeks knowledge by his mind attached to “self” and material force becomes limited in his perception and his quest for knowledge always becomes “self” centered. He seeks the opposite with “self”. Thus from the mind of human attached to “self” time and its journey to death begins. [Time when directed to center or Gravitational collapse] Thus all the ancient spiritual knowledge systems speak of Love and respect of law and justice. The Vedic scholars teach us the positive approach to gain true Knowledge. Most important aspect of their teaching is conquering once own mind and self and understand the basic relationship guiding the world. The kings are educated on the fundamentals of relationship that governs nature under great teachers who have conquered the material and spiritual world.


There can be only one center to a cycle and the one who reside in the center is supreme [God] and in him exist the true knowledge or light [Bramha Jyothi] that created everything. No human can conquer the center or become God. Vedas tells us Creation was done through Self-Sacrifice of the Creator. Bible tells Jesus is the Son of God and at Calvary God made the highest sacrifice to give New Life to the world. This sacrifice became a necessity because man broke the law and sought the center, creating a time direction to the center and gravitational collapse that need to be averted. Bible tells us that this happened when there was not one human left on earth who is justified on whose count the center can hold balance. A new pulse, a new life and new creation and new balance thus became a necessity. The Light that created everything [Bramha Jyothi or the Spirit of the God] had to diffuse into the created world to support and create again. The time direction is changed at the Calvary and mankind was given the free will. The result is what we see, the growth of both material knowledge/power and spiritual knowledge/power. End result of this is collapse into new order. Where the number 8 opens up and collapses back changing the direction of the flow and time. A New Quantum Time Cycle Begins. The collapse I feel is already underway, we are witnessing the catastrophes and pains associated with it. [See – Article Universal Quantum Wave Collapse]. The Loving Spirit is trying to reveal the truth such that Humankind transform from unreal knowledge to real knowledge and survive the time change with lesser pain. The consciousness of the living world is stressing humanity to evolve into higher knowledge. The conclusion is that creation is and destruction and perpetuation is associated with knowledge. The destruction here is a simply phase facilitating creation.


I am sure the advocators of science who are totally under the grip of material vortex and mesmerized by scientific advancement and the huge power it has given them will not stand up to listen and digest this simple truth. Nor am I expecting the spiritualist who are bonded to religion to see and perceive this simple truth. But I am expecting a time that will force humanity to stand helpless against nature and its creator and plead to save them from the disorder and destruction. In anticipation of this time to make it sensible to both world, I with the guidance of my spirit have reviewed the very foundation of knowledge and have written it in a simple manner that could be understandable to common man and intellectuals of higher order if he seeks from a empty mind based on consciousness. 


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