Shape Shifters Part 1

There are many theories saying that our worlds elite are ‘shape shifters.’ As in they are reptiles, lizards, serpents. One fact that does support this theory is that it is widely believed that one of Satan’s many forms is as a serpent. Other facts that support this are that in every region of the earth as far as we can trace back people have claimed to have came from and learned from ‘serpents.’

Here are some examples: Japan Emperors say they came from ‘Dragon Gods’ that came from the sky. Australians Aborigines tell stories of a ‘Reptilian Race’ that live under the ground and govern or rule over man. China teaches of a ‘Serpent Queen’  who breded with man. India calls the’ Reptilian Gods’ “Naga’s” and say that they seeded their royal families.

In the Middle East it is widely believed that a ‘Serpent Race’ created mankind. In the Book of Genesis there is stories of ‘Giants’ that came down to earth to breed with women, they are called the Nephilim. In Africa they are called ‘Children of the Serpent.’ The Royal Kings of Africa claim they decent from ‘Serpent Gods’ who came from the sky. The Mayans from South America say that their ancestors were ‘The people of the Serpent.’ The Aztecs are thought to be created by a ‘Serpent Women.’ The Hopi Indians from North America believe that ‘Sky Gods’ came to breed with their women and even refer to them as their ‘Snake Brothers.’ Those just cover the basic areas of our known world.

There are even theories that Satan had sex with Eve and his son was Cain. For those who do not know, Cain murdered his brother Abel. It is believed that in the Garden of Eden, when the Serpent tempted Eve, see became sexually aware and had intercourse with Satan and became pregnant with Cain. Then just after tempted Adam and had sex with him, getting pregnant with Abel. So Eve became pregnant with two kids from two different people.

Also Eve’s punishment was pain during child birth, which could be because he became pregnant with Satan’s seed. This spawned a hybrid of man and Satan and created a ‘serpent seed.’ This serpent bloodline was believed to be ended during the Great Flood.

There is no proof of Cain’s family line existing after the seventh generation and the flood happened in the tenth. If you look at Satanic and Nazi theory, it is said that Eve did have sex with the ‘serpent’ aka Satan, and did give birth to Cain. Hitler believed that this ‘serpent race’ still existed and was the Jews and Blacks, and Germans were true, pure humans. So he tried to cleanse the earth of them and become king.

As it is believed this type of holocaust will happen again to the Christians when the Anti-Christ rises and says anyone without the Mark of the Beast is of the ‘serpent race’ and unpure. The Mark of the Beast today would be the Veri-Chip, implanted near your right hand..