Shape Shifters Part 2

So if you were to trace the bloodlines of our worlds elite, you would find many connections. So that could support the theory that they are ‘serpent seed.’ That would mean that Cain’s bloodline survived the flood some how. There are videos of George Bush where his eyes change and look like serpent eyes.

There are videos of George W. Bush where his tongue moves unusually fast like a serpents. Many  believe the the worlds elite, Illuminati, are a serpent race and direct decedents from Satan himself or have some relation. Some say Queen Elizabeth was a serpent and never died. That would then explain how easily they came to power, their evil deceitful ways, and their lies.

Illuminati is a whole other subject and topic itself that is something you should look into. JFK was believed to be going to release secret information, which could have been hidden truths of the Illuminati, but was murdered. Our government even gave funds and nuclear weapons to todays so called terrorists. The US even helped the 3rd Reich get to power, which also helped the Bush family grow to power.

The Bush and Bin Laden families are friends. In fact on the morning of 9/11 George Bush and Osama brother were together at a meeting. Both families have connections to a weapon manufacturing company, so by creating this war they all profit. And for those who don’t believe that, I would you to explain how with our intelligence and technology we can not find one man, Osama Bin Laden? Because we are not looking. They feed us lies about war, terrorism, and all that bullshit, and many believed it and still do.

If we would open our eyes, ignore the media, and stop listening and following them, they would fall out of power. If in fact our elite are shape shifters, that could explain things like aliens, UFOs, Big Foot, and things like that, right? It is believed our world was created by a collision of two planets.

Our government looked for that planet and during that search found Pluto. That planet is believed to come back in our area in the following years. This would explain aliens. The shape of an alien could just be one of the many forms of these serpents and of Satan.

If there are really serpents controlling us and being powered by Satan the only way out would be through God. Satan will offer things like living forever, money, power, and being a God. But those are simply lies to trick you. That sounds familiar, that is exactly what our government is doing right now and always has done. They are working towards a New World Order under control of a One World Government. And they are very close.

So whos to know if they are shape shifters? You need to study into it and decide for yourself.  Go searching for the truth and you will find it.