Should We Consider the Symbolism of Monster Energy Drinks as Being Satanic?

In an effort to discourage consumers under the age of 21 from drinking highly caffeinated products that may cause serious health complications, the American Medical Association (AMA) is thinking about imposing a ban on the marketing of energy drinks. This spells ‘bad news’ for the Monster brand of energy drinks. If the ban is passed, the sale of the energy-boosting beverages with the Satanic-like logo will surely slump – just as their stocks have in recent days. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what sme people think is a hidden meaning behind the logo of Monster energy drinks.

Monster is one of the most popular brands of energy drinks igniting the younger generation of today. The company has a reputation for supporting many extreme sports and related events, such as Motocross, BMX, X-Games, skateboarding, and snowboarding. Monster Energy also supports and promotes a handful of music acts around the world, including The Word Alive (metalcore), Shinedown (hard rock), Asking Alexandria (British metalcore) and Escape the Fate (post hardcore), which has a controversial past with violent lyrics and performances.

Launched in 2002, Monster energy drinks now come in a variety of flavors in addition to its original creation. There are more than 30 different varieties of Monster drinks sold in North America, including a line of Java Monster beverages. However, throughout the history of the beverage, it is the highly recognizable logo that has helped the drink become a number one choice in today’s market.

The logo is well known – an ‘M’-shaped design with three tears into a black backdrop of the can. It’s meant to symbolize the claw marks of a ‘monster.’ However, some people see something very different when taking a look at the logo…something downright Satanic, and if you’re not familiar with the Hebrew counting chart, then you’d think they were being a bit paranoid. The hook-like ‘scratches’ on the can look curiously similar to the letter ‘Vahv’ on the Hebrew counting chart, which represents the number 6. Therefore, translating the logo would read ‘666’ in English. Is this just a coincidence?

Another ‘coincidence’ with Monster energy drinks is one of the marketing slogans used for the beverage – ‘Unleash the Beast’. ‘The Beast’ also so happens to be a reference to Satan and ‘666’ is also known as the ‘Number of the Beast.’

Others who look at the logo and Monster advertisements feel the company uses subliminal messages to reach their public and to sell drinks that appear a tad on the unhealthy side – especially when consumed in large quantities. There are reports of some people having health scares and undesirable reactions after drinking 2-3 of the energy drinks in a day.  

If the AMA decides to go forward in banning the marketing power of energy drinks, the Monster brand could see a noticeable drop in sales. More than 90% of total revenue for the company comes from the Monster Energy brand of energy drinks. In the end, it also means that fewer teens and young adults would be exposed to this ‘devilish’ beverage.