Signs of the Illuminati Found in the 2014 Super Bowl Production

Millions of people anticipate three primary features of the annual football fest best known as the Super Bowl: the game itself, the half-time show, and the commercials. Between the over-priced airtime paid for ads and the need to entertain the masses during the half-time performance, there are plenty of ways to insert Illuminati-related symbolism and other hidden messages. With millions of people, including children, watching the Super Bowl, it’s a perfect time to reach many with questionable or underhanded actions.

For the 2014 Super Bowl, there are a few instances in where questionable symbolism and concepts may have been included in this year’s Half-Time Show with Bruno Mars.

In the past, the Super Bowl half-time show has included the likes of Beyonce, Madonna, Prince, and Nicki Minaj – all of which who were later accused of flashing symbols (including disturbing hand gestures) often related to the Illuminati and/or the occult. Madonna wore a headpiece that looked as if she was worshiping Baphomet – a horned figure associated with Satanic worship. She also incorporated all-seeing eye symbolism and ritualistic references throughout her performance. Beyonce notoriously flashed what seemed like Illuminati-related hand gestures during her Super Bowl performance.

Promising an energetic performance, Bruno Mars was selected as the main musician to provide the entertainment for the half-time show of this year’s Super Bowl, and with him, came the Red Hot Chili Peppers as his choice for a guest appearance. This old-school band is also known for their impressive level of energy during performances as well. The overall presentation of music for the night incorporated a mix of high-energy, well known favorites from the radio, love songs, and loud rock/alternative tunes.

While all-seeing eyes, pyramids, and other related symbolism did not play a dominant role in this year’s performance, some Internet onlookers have pointed out a hidden connection that the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars seem to share, which is embracing actions that appear to lend support to the concept of sex-magic – the same kind practiced by the infamous Satanist Aleister Crowley.

To reinforce this theory, it’s significant to note that the Red Hot Chili Peppers even had an album titled “Blood, Sugar, Sex Magik’ with the ‘magik’ spelled in the same way that Crowley did. In his song ‘Locked Out of Heaven,’ Bruno Mars is believed to also make a reference to sex magik in his lyrics which state “your sex takes me to paradise.’ If someone is making a person feel like they are being ‘locked out of heaven,’ then one could view this statement as ‘this someone’ is keeping the singer from being ‘good.’

Also, Mars and some of his musicians danced suggestively with gyrating pelvises in a way that was just enough not to ‘ruffle’ too many feathers. Nonetheless, they did dance in a sexually-charged manner.

In addition to the ‘sexual’ tone of the performance that some viewers have pointed out, others have highlighted what seems like the presence of intricately inserted triangle and pyramid symbolism. Lighting shining down onto the front of the stage, as well as lighting emitted from the upper part of the stage (which also rose into the sky) also seemed to form a pyramid shape out of the positioning of the beams of light.