Small Spacecrafts That Aliens Zip Around The Galaxy In

guys . . . I have based my argument on what I know to be true. Things that are fact, not theory. We have no proof of the existance of wormholes. IMO, we have no proof of extra terrestrial existance. We really have no proof that we have been visted by extra terrestrials. Everything we that we can “touch” that is supposedly proof that we have been visited by extra terrestrials suggests that it was infact made by us. We have lots of pictures and video footage of things that are untouchable. There are UFO’s (unidentified flying objects). Unidentified. That means we do not know what they are. We have not identified them. That does not mean that they are coming from outer space and that some type of creature from another world is flying them around.

I am not saying that the government is not hiding secret aircraft from us either. IMO that may account for all the “UFO” sightings. Based on the resources that we do know to be available in our universe, I am suggesting that space is entirely too huge for anything that is composed of “mass” to just go zipping around at speeds which allow them to visit planets inhabited by creatures scattered about the vast distances in space.

Lets try to discuss this in the here and now. Is there any way to argue against my point outside of theory and mystery?