Snakeskin Spell

So, you have an interest in casting a spell to bring love and passion your way? What sort of results are you seeking when you turn towards magic to give you an upper hand in your quest for a happy relationship? For some, they don’t have a specific person in mind, but instead, wish to enhance their powers of attraction. Others wish to reboot the passion in their current relationship. In this article, you will learn how to enhance your sex life and desire to please your partner.

Decreased libido can happen to any couple at some point in time. What matters is how you act upon this change within your love life. If you are interesting in sending out the love vibes that once sent chills up and down the back of your love, consider the snakeskin spell, which is perfect for individuals already in a relationship and need to boost the passion they share.

In order to perform this spell, you will interestingly find that quite a few spices are included in this ritual. You will need:

·    1 vanilla incense cone or stick
·    1 red candle (6 to 8 inches)
·    Matches or a lighter
·    1 shed snakeskin
·    1 teaspoon of nutmeg
·    1 teaspoon of diced red pepper
·    1 teaspoon of chili powder
·    1 teaspoon of fresh dirt
·    1 pinch of ashes (from an open fire)

The early waxing crescent moon is the best time to perform this spell if you are looking to achieve the maximum effect. All days of the week are fine for the spell, except for Tuesday, which can cause distractions due to Mars’ energy. First, you will begin by casting a circle. Next, you will light the incense, followed by the candle. Recite: ‘I light this fire/ To honor the snake/ That gifted its skin/ For passion’s sake’

After opening the snakeskin out, spoon the all of the spices and the soil into the center of it. Roll the snakeskin up to create a ‘packet’ filled with the ingredients. Use a ribbon to fasten the packet crosswise. Towards the flame of the candle, hold the snakeskin packet over it. Sprinkle the ask onto it and repeat: ‘Out of the ashes/ Comes a fire/ Out of the serpent/ Comes desire.’

After completing the spell, place the snakeskin charm under your pillow, where it should remain until one moon cycle has passed. Afterwards, you must bury it underground.

The Significance of the Snakeskin

One of the most mysterious of items used in magic is snakeskin, which has a traditional history that places it in the middle of many spells and charms associated with sexual potency. Ancient symbols left by our ancestors show present a link between serpents and female sexuality. Shed skin from a snake has a past that indicates strong spiritual connections. A shed skin is also associated with renewal.

Source: The Spells Bible by Ann-Marie Gallagher