Solar Ion-Acoustic pulses cause planetary orbits

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Re: Solar Ion-Acoustic pulses cause planetary orbits?

Jerry Wayne Decker ( [email protected]m )
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 13:19:20 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Ren!

I never heard that particular Brazilian case, about
the formaldehyde and sunlight in a Crookes tube.

Those spiral grooved stone disks I believe were found
to have tiny images in the grooves which were
translated. The file is called Tibetufo I believe as
it was on KeelyNet, did a quick search and found it on
Rene Muellers mirror;


“The Kalachakra predicts that one of our worst
problems will be that the powers of negativity will
be “tampering with the tables.” They are referring
to astrological tables and Dr. Brezin specifically
says on the tape that in our times that would
mean messing with the programming of our computers!
(see Clear Intent p. 27-28.)

He says it’s very hard to defend yourself if the enemy
has tampered with your astrological charts or your

This dark age will last until the year 2424 A.D. when
a “great war” will begin in India. The human race
will be rescued from total destruction by the
armies of Shambhala riding “flying horses” and
“boats that fly in the air.” A Golden Age will begin
in A.D. 2424.”
woops, I found nothing in the file about the
discs…hmm…I thought the filename was tibet1 or
something with disc in it…well, couldn’t find it…

The Crookes tube was a simple apparatus designed to
study the effect of gas pressure on the voltage
necessary to cause a spark.

The basic Crookes tube consisted of a glass tube,
closed off at the ends with an outlet tube connected
to a vacuum pump. This allowed the vacuum pressure to
be adjusted for measurements.

Two electrodes were sealed into either end of the tube
.. The electrodes were connected to a battery or
voltage source.

Voltage was increased until current flow was detected
by an ammeter. Current (negative charge) could be
shown to move from the cathode (negative) to the anode
Crookes found that the voltage decreased as the
pressure decreased, reaching some minimum when the
tube was fully evacuated. Later workers discovered
that it was actually possible to see the beam by
slightly modifying Crookes design using cathode rays
impinging on phosphor coated tubes to produce CRTs
which we use for oscilloscopes, television and
computer monitors.

In these display units one metal plate emits a
negative charge which is accelerated and guided to a
specific location on the phosphor coated tube to trace
a glowing pattern.

So I am unsure how formaldehyde would work except
possibly as a plasma under high voltage in a partially
evacuated tube…
— Marinus Berghuis wrote:
> At 19:12 27/04/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >Hi Folks!
> >
> >I can’t help thinking about the Stoneking Resonance
> >URL!!! It certainly indicates a fascinating
> >possibility!
> >
> Hi Jerry,
> Thank you for your most excellent posting and have
> to dig in my memory for
> 2 facts.
> 1 There is a book written on a contact with a ufo
> by a brazilian where the
> pilot of the ufo describes the solar system as being
> kept in place by just
> that
> the push keeps them apart and the intermagnetic
> relation keeps them on the
> plane.
> He also says that formalde hyde and sunlight in a
> Crooks tube is all that
> is required to keep his ufo in power.
> a most interesting read but as usual have given my
> book to a library and
> don’t know which one.
> 2 Your description brought to mind the discovered
> stone disks with the
> grooves spriralled giving off periodic vibrations.
> Scientists have been
> baffled by them but when I read your work, I thought
> that those disks may
> be levitation disks when subjected to sonic pulses
> of solar frequency.
> Worth checking out ??
> Greetings from here
> Ren