Solving Male Reproduction Woes with Herbal Remedies

When the male reproduction system suffers, it is the prostate or loss of libido that may strike. While there are plenty of over-the-counter treatments to consider, more and more men are discovering the beauty of using nature to harness the power of plants and herbs for medicinal use. Below you will find ways on how to treat common problems, such as impotence, prostatitis, and infertility:




A variety of factors may cause a loss in libido, as stress, alcohol, excess caffeine, and too much work only add to or encourages the problem to develop. Painful hemorrhoids may also be at the root of the problem. When a man starts to suffer little interest in sexual intercourse, premature ejaculations, or issues keeping an erection, consider trying a remedy consisting of damiana or ashwagandha.


The aerial parts of damiana work as an antidepressant and aphrodisiac that also elevates the nervous system. Stimulation in sexual performance is also an outcome. Damiana comes as an infusion, pill, or tincture. Ashwagandha root stimulates the whole system, while attempting to boost sexual performance. It is suggested to take a milk decoction or capsules (up to one gram per dose). Powdered ashwagandha is often added to warm milk and then sweetened with sugar.




The low sperm count that becomes an issue in the bedroom with couples trying to bring life into the world is sometimes caused by a multitude of factors, including polluted water and contact with pesticides. When a man suffers a decreased sperm count or issues with conception, he should seek out an herbal treatment that utilizes gotu kola or he shou wu.


The aerial parts of gotu kola produce a rejuvenating and stimulating effect, which is meant to increase the vitality and energy in males. Infusions, tinctures, and capsules are the form in which this remedy is found. The root of he shou wu is used as a tonic for the stimulation of the reproductive system. Decoctions, tinctures, tonic wine, and capsules are the way in which this remedy is consumed.


Prostate Issues


When the prostate region becomes inflamed, prostatitis is the result, which is often linked to an infection in the prostate gland. Usually, these sorts of problems do not occur until a man nears the age of 50. Some of the common symptoms a male should take notice of include a painful crotch, lower back irritation, increased urination, and other urination issues. Luckily, many have found relief in using hydrangea, white deadnettle, saw palmetto, and stinging nettle.


The root rhizome of the hydrangea works as a diuretic and soothing remedy that is best used as a decoction and a tincture. The petals of the white deadnettle are used as an astringent, which is known to lessen the size of benign prostate enlargement. It is suggested to take an infusion or up to 15 milliliters of tincture on a daily basis. Saw palmetto fruit works as a diuretic and antiseptic for the urinary tract. It is recommended to add 10 grams of berries to two cups of water to create a decoction that is taken three times per day (2 milliliters). The aerial parts and root of stinging netter can reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate that comes in an infusion, tincture, decoction, or capsule.