Space Movie Trivia and Facts: “Red Planet” (2000)

Mars was a pretty popular planet in 2000 , so much so that two movies were dedicated in its honor, including ‘Red Planet,’ which focused on an important mission geared towards saving the existence of mankind. In this article, you will encounter a collection of facts and trivia surrounding the film that starred Val Kilmer and Benjamin Bratt.

The Plot

Fast forward into the future to a time where the Earth is dying. This is the thick of the plot in the film ‘Red Planet,’ as a new colony on Mars is viewed as the only hope humans have to continue existing. A team of American astronauts is assembled with each representative specializing in a different field. Together, they will embark on the first manned expedition to the red planet. In order for the mission to succeed, the specialists must overcome their varying personalities, beliefs, and backgrounds. Along the way, their equipment becomes gravely damaged and while on Mars, the crew must rely on one another for survival.

A handful of recognizable actors and actresses signed on the breathe life into the roles of ‘Red Planet.’ This included Val Kilmer as Robby Gallagher, Carrie-Anne Moss as Commander Kate Bowman, Tom Sizemore as Dr. Quinn Burchenal, Benjamin Bratt as Lt. Ted Santen, Simon Baker as Chip Pettengill, and Terence Stamp as Dr. Bud Chantilas.

“Red Planet” Trivia and Facts

At the time, ‘Red Planet’ was the only film for director Antony Hoffman.

In 2000, ‘Red Planet’ was the second film released with a theme that centered on a manned expedition to the planet Mars. Brian De Palma directed ‘Mission to Mars’ starring Gary Sinise and Tim Robbins, causing ‘Red Planet’ higher-ups to change the working title of ‘Mars’ to avoid any confusion with the De Palma film.

At the start of the film, you are greeted by the High Orbit Space Station, which upon taking a closer look, you will see that it is an expansion of the International Space Station.

“Red Planet” is listed as a science fiction, action thriller.

Taglines used to market the movie include: ” Not A Sound. Not A Warning. Not A Chance. Not Alone,” “The Color Of Fear,” and “They Didn’t Find Life On Mars. It Found Them.”

In the movie, the character Commander Kate Bowman pays homage to “Dave Bowman”, who was the commander of the spaceship in the film titled “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968).

The movie received praise for showing a realistic depiction of fire in zero gravity , something that other science fiction films have attempted to do, but did not pull off as well.

The movie featured a first in the history of science fiction films with the Mars 1 main computer called “Lucille.” This detail of the movie is known as one of the first “computer” characters to possess a realistic voice entirely computer generated. AT&T Bell Labs provide the film crew with the experimental voice synthesizer software that made this feat possible.