Spacewarp Machine Schematics- Creating a Wormhole


Info copied from: http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0511086

M. Mansouryar’s preprint about a schematic design of a spacewarp machine in PDF format.

A design of a configuration for violation of the averaged null energy condition (ANEC) and consequently other classic energy conditions (CECs), is presented. The methods of producing effective exotic matter (EM) for a traversable wormhole (TW) are discussed. Also, the approaches of less necessity of TWs to EM are considered. The result is, TW and similar structures; i.e., warp drive (WD) and Krasnikov tube are not just theoretical subjects for teaching general relativity (GR) or objects only an advanced civilization would be able to manufacture anymore, but a quite reachable challenge for current technology. Besides, a new compound metric is introduced as a choice for testing in the lab.

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As a matter of fact, the motivation caused me to start studying on spacewarps was the attempting to create a propulsion method, comparable to that of UFOs as the books I was reading, when I was a teenager. My model might be able to be considered as a nice explanation for propulsion of UFOs; For instance, I list 5 of them based on some reported cases as I remember:

  1. The exotic domination of UFOs on their velocity might be obtained by dominations on used  “path” – by distortion of spacetime itself – rather than the vehicle.
  2. The perforated observed pieces of the airplanes which have excessively closed to a flying saucer can be attributed to the excited quantum foam of around spacetime, influenced by the primary one which has been using by the UFO.
  3. Decharging the chemical batteries of the cars and other electromagnetic anomalies can be related to the contribution of charge back-reaction as I’ve introduced, better than the theories analyzing the relation of a traversable wormhole to a (Reissner-Nordstrom) black hole.
  4. The time anomalies felt by the people in an special contact to the aliens can only be related to manipulation of gravitational effects, in a physical point of view. My paper might provide an acceptable approach to that. 
  5. At last, I think you agree with that, the most effective methods of traveling in the deep space – regarding tremendous cosmic distances – are changing the course, instead of increasing the velocity, restricted by special relativity in a flat 4D spacetime. Therefore, I think my work deserves to be considered as a plan for constructing a spacewarp by present technology.