Stopping Crime For Good

You are free to print, copy or use the following information in any

way you see fit. I would appreciate any further correlations made

by other researchers, especially in the way of experimental proofs.

Jerry W. Decker


How to Cure Crime

written for KeelyNet

by Jerry W. Decker

No doubt many of us are concerned with the steady increase of crimes

that lead to killings or the development of a mentality which

disregards human life as being worth preserving.

The Federal government (with Clinton behind it) is proposing adding

an additional 100,000 police officers to the nation’s cities. A

radio talk show recently brought up the following facts. It costs

the state from $23,000 to $30,000 per person per year to keep a

convicted criminal incarcerated.

If each of these 100,000 NEW police officers make just one case per

month which results in a criminal conviction requiring jail time

that comes to an ADDITIONAL $176,000,000 per year (least case) added

to our taxes to support this effort. This does not include all the

criminals CURRENTLY taking up jail space.

How many times over the past few years have you heard of over-

crowding in the jails? Or that there are new facilities being built

to support the ever-growing incarcerated criminal population.

There is little question that something must be done to stop or

greatly reduce crime and its side effects. Dr. Ruwalt suggests that

by taking a non-aggressor role, we could tremendously improve the

situation. This includes incarcerating ONLY violent criminals or

those who have committed theft or crimes which harm others. Drugs

are an individual choice, harming no one but the person who takes

them and so is a non-aggressive crime.

So many of the “criminals” now taking up jail space did not harm

another person yet we are supporting them to the tune of $23,000 per

year minimum. It’s OK to take medically prescribed drugs or drink

alcohol as most of the resulting damage done is only to the person

actually imbibing the substance. So substance abuse is a victimless

crime and is thus non-aggressive. As long as it remains illegal to

partake, then distribution sets up the illegal situations that

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foster criminal behavior and we just dig deeper holes, rather than

jumping out and starting over.

As long as “Our” government continues to spread its control into

almost every aspect of our lives, we will continue to not take

responsibility for our OWN actions, thus setting up the patterns

that give such control of our lives to some kind of regulatory

agency. Sooner or later, such control will become so all pervasive

that it will result in a backlash in the form of revolution. But

for now, we should do whatever we LEGALLY can to make things better

for ourselves and our countrymen.

Because of this ever growing criminal population and random

sociopathic behavior, I decided to document and distribute through

KeelyNet and other BBSs some observations that have come to my

attention over the years.

We who study alternative science take a wide ranging approach to

information. This includes formal science in all its aspects as

well as metaphysical and private investigations by ourselves and

others willing to share their findings. These “less than formal”

investigations are usually shrugged off as being without merit

because you cannot always duplicate or verify what is being claimed.

However, once you have established in your own mind a set of what

makes sense, that is the ultimate determinant as to what you will

allow as “possible”. Of course, all growing things change, so if

one’s concepts are proven as false to the satisfaction of the

person, the “worldview” also changes to fit the newest parameters.

I preface the following with that last paragraph so you won’t just

laugh this off as a line of BS (as we say in Texas), but rather read

it through, then think about it. There are numerous experiments

verifying the action of monopolar magnetic fields and recently the

CAT scan images have shown increased blood flow in areas which are

being “used” by our conscious minds.


One of the most interesting books I have ever read was one called “A

Dweller on Two Planets”, written in the late 19th century by a young

man who “channelled” the information. It predicts submarines,

radio, TV, flying machines, transmutation and a host of other

developments which we have YET to achieve. The book also gives

hints as to the forces necessary to devise these machines. You can

purchase it from Health Research, PO BOX 70, Mokelumne Hill,

California, 95245 for about $15.00. You won’t be disappointed.

This is an almost forgotten book that will really peak your

interest. It would make a movie that would blow everyone away if

done at a quality level as demonstrated by the likes of Lucas or

Spielberg. Perhaps they will get a copy of this and look at the

book. It would be great to see movies that teach moral and science

principles through anecdotal experiences.

The following is excerpted from Chapter IX, called Curing Crime,

pages 96 through 101. I have reduced it to the details so you will

more easily grasp the correlations that will follow.

Zailm is the character who we follow throughout the book. In his

youth, he stumbled on a very rich gold deposit which led to his

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association with two investors. These fellows developed the mine

and cheated not only Zailm but also the government out of their

share from the yield of the mine. Once they were caught, tried and

convicted, they were offered a chance to be treated for their

criminal tendencies which would allow them to remain free. They

both agreed. and what follows is the chapter describing the


You should bear in mind that the body is much like a magnet in that

there is a FIELD which controls the formation of tissue. This field

is generally known as the “morphogenetic field” of Rupert Sheldrake,

or my personal hero, Dr. Harold S. Burr with his major researches

into what he calls the “electro-dynamic field”.

Many people with whom I share information are of the opinion that

the AURA is a visible representation of these fields and that by

energetically manipulating this “aura”, you can affect the formation

of tissue to heal.

Please bear in mind that tissue, once formed has a longer “life”

than the field which formed it. Do you not wonder why a cancerous

tumor can be surgically removed from the body, yet will grow back if

not further treated? It is because the AURA is projecting a

distorted field that will FORM the tissue in a cancerous pattern.

So, for a complete resolution of the problem, depending on its

severity of course, you must change the aura as well as remove or

“affect” the tissue, through magnetic or other energetic fields

(including MIND forces such as positive sustained patterns projected

to the diseased area).


(from Dweller on Two Planets)



…Arriving at the Court of the Tribunes, I saw my mining partners

there in custody, along with the incriminated purchaser of the gold.

There could be but one verdict concerning the malefactors, “Guilty

as charged.” This opinion was reached very quickly, and by the

culprits admitted to be a just one. Immediately, an officer took

the prisoners into another part of the building, where was a well-

lighted apartment, fitted with various portable and stationary

instruments. He was accompanied by all persons present.

A chair with a head-clasp rest, and with other rests, clasps and

straps for the limbs and body of the occupant, stood in the center

of the room. A guardsman seated and firmly strapped one of the

prisoners in the chair. This preliminary attended to, a Xioqua

(scientist teaching at a University) approached bearing in his hands

a small instrument of which, from its general appearance, I knew the

nature to be magnetic.

He placed the two poles of this in the hands of the condemned man,

and after a brief manipulation a slight, purring sound was heard

from the instrument. Immediately the prisoner’s eyes closed and his

every appearance indicated profound stupor; he was in fact

magnetically anesthetized.

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Then the operator carefully felt all over the head of the

unconscious man, and this examination concluded, ordered the

attendant to shave the entire cranium. When this order had been

obeyed, he made a blue mark upon the shaven surface in front and

above the ears.

Feeling further, he made the numeral 2 above and a little back of

each ear. These operatons done, he gave his attention to the

spectators, but, on being spoken to by the Rai Gwauxln (the emperor

or ruler of the country), he paused long enough from making his

proposed address to the audience to call me from where I stood

outside the railing. The he spoke:

“In the prisoner I find that the predominant, most positive

faculties are those which I have marked one and two; these are,

number one, a grasping desire to acquire property, and his

disposition is to do all things secretly, as may be seen from the

exceeding prominence of the organs of secretiveness.

While the skull does not extend upwards very high, but at number two

is very wide between the ears, I should infer that here we have a

very acquisitive individual, lacking conscientiousness and

spirituality, and therefore the moral nature, almost wholly.

As he has also a very destructive temperament, we have withal a very

dangerous character, one which I marvel has so managed as not ere

this to have exposed himself to this office for correction. Why any

one should hesitate, even voluntarily, to undergo corrective

treatment causes me much wonder.

It is something, I suppose, explicable on the theory that one on the

low moral plane of this poor fellow is unable to see the advantage

of being on any higher plane, but is able to see the immediate

advantages due to pursuit of nefarious methods.

He is, in short, a man who would not hesitate at the commission of

murder, could he see any immediate gain in it, and be wholly

oblivious of after consequences. Is this true, Zo Rai (a term of


“It is,” replied the emperor. (The emperor in this instance is a

highly evolved individual, expert in most fields and thus his

guidance is much appreciated and valued.)

“My diagnosis of the case,” continued the Xioqa, “having been

confirmed by so high an authority, I will now apply the cure.”

He summoned an attendant, who wheeled out another magnetic apparatus

contained in a heavy metal case. Having placed this in a

satisfactory condition of activity, the Xioqa next applied its

positive pole to that place on the head of the patient marked by the

figure one, and the other pole he placed at the back of the neck.

He then took out his timepiece and laid it on the metal case of the

instrument, near a dial the pointer of which he adjusted. All was

then still, except the low-toned conversation in various parts of

the room, during the ensuing half hour.

At the end of this time the Xioqa arose from the seat and changed

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the positive pole to the other side of the head, where the duplicate

figure was marked. Then again a half-hour’s quiet, broken only by

the exit of some of the spectators and the entrance of others.

When the half hour had again elapsed, the operator changed the pole

to the place marked “two.” This time only half an hour was given to

both sides of the head. I had been told by the emperor to remain.

He had only stayed a few moments after the beginning of the

operation which was not new to him.

At the end of the work on the first man he was taken from under the

influence of the magnetic anesthetizer by merely reversing the poles

of the instrument at a second application. The Xioqa lectured upon

the theme afforded by the operation while the first patient was

being removed. To the considerable audience that had, by this time,

assembled, he said:

“You have seen the treatment of those mental qualities which tended

through their predominance to warp his moral nature, something but

partially developed. The process has been partially to atrophy the

vascular channels supplying that portion of the brain where are

located the organs of greed and of destruction.

But mark well this point, after all is said, the soul is superior to

the physical brain, and it is in the soul, the nature of the man, in

which these criminal tendencies inhere – the brain and other organs

being the seat of psychic expression – the business office, so to


Hence, merely to have mechanically hypnotized this subject would not

accomplish our purpose. Hypnotizing is an indrawing, and the

cerebral blood-vessels contract and become partially bloodless;

indeed, they may become fatally empty; this are is a very dangerous


But the opposite effect is produced in aphaism (Poseid equivalent

for the modern word “mesmerism”). The brain is filled with blood,

and the reversion of the instrument cessated the hypnotic and

initiated the aphaic process. It is at this moment that the mind of

the operator may assume control of the mind of the subject, and

suggest to the erring soul a permanent cessation of the error.

This man has been so treated, doubly treated, since not only has the

blood supply been PARTIALLY CUT OFF which went to those organs where

was the seat of his weakness, but with my will I have impressed ihs

soul to cease its sin, and I have supplied it with a work to execute

which will have a counter action.

He may be slightly ill for a few days, but his tendencies to sin

will be gone. It requires a superior mind, which has gone wrong in

several directions, to make a successful evil-doer, and where the

lower nature, chiefly a perverted sex-nature predominates, there

will be found the criminal.

Atla (their term for their country, Poseid being their continent)

has no debauchees, for if a person show such disposition, the State

takes the wayward one in hand and operates upon the proper organs.

But I need not dilate upon these subjects any further.”


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The first man having been taken away to receive careful nursing, the

next of my whilom partners was placed in the chair. Examination of

the cerebral development revealed that he was more weak than wicked;

an habitual prevaricator, and of libertine tendencies; one whose

skull was mostly behind and above the ears. I need not pause to

describe his treatment; it was on the lines of the other; mesmeric

suggestion was the chief cure.

End of Chapter


This amazing tale offers a series of techniques that could provide a

solution to many of our societal problems. Yes, I sense your

thoughts of what a government or private organization could do with

such technology, yet, do we ignore it because of paranoia (though I

too have reservations about its misuse).

The beneficial possibilities of these combined methods are so great

that we must do the next best thing, and that is to freely

distribute the information so that all may know of it. Such an

attitude allows people to be aware of suspicious actions that

indicate use of mind control techniques. The more who know, the

more difficult for it to be abused by a select few with superior and

hidden knowledge. We here at KeelyNet practice that approach with

many subjects and promote such attitudes wherever possible.


Modern Correlations

Recent studies with thermography and CAT scans have shown that

certain areas of the brain show heavy blood flow with a rise in

local temperature when that area of the brain is being “exercised”.

The magnetic research and discoveries of Walter Rawls and the late

Albert Roy Davis into the effects of North and South Pole energies

is still not widely known. North pole energies spin in a CCW

direction and cause matter to CONTRACT. South pole energies spin in

a CW direction and cause matter to EXPAND.

Experiments have shown that fluids attract to a North pole magnet

and are dispersed by a South pole magnet. This is simply a bar or

cylinder magnet with the end being exposed to the targeted area.

There must be the greatest purity of monopole energy to get the best

effect, that is, the further the North pole is from the South pole,

the better.

Magnets used in their experiments were on the order of 3000 Gauss.

See “DAVRAW.ASC” on KeelyNet for further details and “CONTACT1.ASC”

for Walter Rawls address should you decide to write him. They have

many excellent books detailing their findings which we here at

KeelyNet support fully. As usual, they will not be recognized until

after their death (Davis is deceased, but I have met with Rawls in

Jacksonville, Florida a few years ago).

There is one other aspect that I hesitate to bring up, but it does

indicate something that is a correlative to this concept of magnetic

adjustment of tendencies. It is called “Phrenology” and is based on

the presence of bumps on the head. Depending on their location,

these bumps can be interpreted and provide a “map” of the tendencies

and abilities of a person.


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Since blood flow in a given area determines the amount of energy and

nutrient available in that area, it also determines the size of the

organ so stimulated with such excess blood flow (atrophied tissue

results from lack of use, including mind stimulation).

Thus, as per the CAT scan and thermographs, these bumps could be

seen to be tissue projections. This is due to higher blood flow

activity when that area or pattern of behavior (as directed TO that

physical location) are so stimulated as to increase the growth of

tissue in that area.

So, here is the scenario as to how such a method would work:

To determine the nature of the subject’s tendencies

The CAT scan method only shows activity WHEN the subject is

consciously directing thoughts TO or concentrating ON that

particular tendency (and thus area of the brain) OR is in the

throws of a physical reaction as directed by that “excited” area

of the brain.

Therefore, it is not reliable because the subject can easily

shift his thoughts to other subjects, thus suppressing activity

in the region and masking the problem. This could be overcome by

a remote telemetering device constantly attached to the person so

that a recording could be made of his most prevalent thoughts,

especially when exposed to situations that excite thoughts in

that area.

The other method of “Phrenology” involves the “reading” of these

bumps on the head. They could be used to develop a 3 dimensional

map showing such projections and there physical location. Such a

map would be compared to a database to determine which tendencies

were detected.

The Magnetic treatment

Once the tendencies and their physical locations (based on heavy

blood flow and resultant increased temperatures) were determined,

the North pole magnet energy can be applied to cause the tissues

to contract, thus reducing the ABILITY of the fluid to easily

flow within that area of the brain. Thus, you reduce the

electrical activity and the ability to “think” about a given

pattern of action due to the reduction of flow in that area.

The amount of time to which the area is exposed to the North pole

energies will determine the degree of contraction of the tissue

for that area and thus the effectiveness of the treatment.

Convicted criminals could be offered this treatment, carried out by

certified practitioners, with the understanding they would be

released under a probationary period, after the treatment had been

successfully applied.

The conditions would include a thorough analysis of the detected

tendencies, with a full explanation to the subject of what was to be

done and why. The recommended treatment would be agreed upon by the

subject and a formal contract and release signed for legal reasons.


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One of the interesting points to note is the need for a dual

treatment. It is one thing to diminish blood flow in a specified

area of the brain, with the intent being to reduce actions

coincident with criminal or sociopathic behavior, it is quite

another to alter the mind field that the subject directs to the

physical area TO CAUSE such stimulation and tissue growth through

ongoing mental excitation.

This is where the AURA and/or the mesmeric/hypnotic suggestion

techniques must be used. You will note in the quotes from the book

that the practitioner deemed it necessary to give the subject

SOMETHING ELSE to keep them occupied and thus prevent a relapse into

the old tendencies? I thought that very intriguing, a form of “mis-

direction” much like a magician uses, watch this hand and ignore the

one that is doing the mischief.

Magnetic anesthesia as described in the paper seems to involve some

kind of hypnotic sleep, not so much for pain, but for suppression of

active thought to prevent a cancellation of the localized magnetic

treatment from the subjects active thoughts. A quenching of

electrical activity as it were.

Despite the suppression of thought DURING the treatment, it was also

necessary to convince the subject of the errors of his ways and BY

THAT CONVINCING induce him to change on his own.

So, you get a dual action, lack of attraction to thinking about the

ingrained patterning of the tissue as well as the lack of further

stimulation by the desire of the subject. And it is made all that

much easier when the subject has something to take its place and

thus diminish the “morbid” thoughts in that direction. What is the

old quote? “Idle hands (minds) do the Devils work” or something

like that.

No doubt you have seen how many people don’t busy themselves with

useful activities and/or studies and thus wind up in activities or

pursuits that hurt themselves or others through their actions. How

many times have you heard people say how bored they are, or that

there is nothing to do? So, the Xioqa just gave the subject

something useful and fulfilling to do.


This obviously has possibilities FAR BEYOND simply reconditioning a

criminal mind, but I won’t go into those possibilities at this time.

Perhaps this paper will get into the hands of someone or group with

the funding, equipment and knowledge to investigate it.

I would dearly love to be involved in such a project (as well as

dozens of others which we here at KeelyNet have researched to some

degree), but people with capital just don’t get it, so we continue

collecting and sharing information, in hopes someday we will get a

benefactor or group of folks with sufficient foresight to see where

much of this could lead. In the meantime, papers such as this,

freely distributed so that a majority of people can learn of these

things, serve to at least keep the information alive and available.

I frequently wonder why people who come into money, such as

inheritances, lottery winners, etc. don’t even consider contributing

to any kind of research in the field of the alternative sciences

that can have such far reaching implications.

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Do something SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE with your life, invest in the NOW

AND in the FUTURE. Why not redirect your life insurance to Vangard

Sciences? Or put in a percentage of your income? For details, just

download VSRC.ASC and you will see the direction we are headed.

As we all get older, time and energy loss works against us all.

There are SO MANY exceptional people out there who need a

knowledgeable umbrella support system to help bring their ideas and

experiments to usable, marketable products. We could change many

aspects of modern life and offer opportunities for expansion and

improvement FAR BEYOND the current technologies. The positive

ramifications to society as well as stimulating the young minds now

wandering without purpose or direction are beyond calculation.

We have leads for developing technologies in the following areas

(there are more, but for lack of space and time, only these are


1) local energy generation devices that tap space energy as well

as other non-conventional force producing techniques,

a) no more electrical power bills from a centralized power


b) no more gas bills for your vehicle

c) no more pollution from petroleum by-products

2) magnetic, herbal and electro-magnetic techniques to heal

diseased tissue and sustain a healthy system

a) no more surgery (except in emergency situations)

b) no more drugs

c) no more reactions from faulty application of drugs or


3) devices that allow the body to give a feedback signal

indicating whether a given substance will help it or further

harm it

a) would determine a yes/no as to benefit for the body

b) advanced unit would determine degree of effect

c) can be adapted to a portable unit for use when buying

foods, eating out, determining the health of a potential

sex partner, etc…

4) a means for slowing down, halting and/or reversing aging

a) based on continual replenishment and regrowth of tissue

with new material

b) barring massive accidental destruction, it allows the

subject to decide when THEY tire of life, rather than

allowing a “natural” system degradation

c) subject would have all the time THEY CHOOSE to experience

life in all its wonderment and potential

5) a means of reducing the “gravity” flow through mass, thus

providing reduction of “weight” or outright levitation of

that mass

a) totally new transport methods (both cargo and people)

b) expansion of the populace into areas not easily or

readily accessible by ground transport

c) colonization of other celestial bodies including space

stations as way stations, thus offering mining, farming,

exploration, general colonization, etc.

d) possible contact with other “alien” civilizations not

native to the Earth with the resultant cultural exchanges