Strange Death Facts I

While there are strange ways to die, it’s a good idea to make sure the person laid to rest is actually deceased. There was a stretch in time where people were placed in coffins and were either in a trance or in a state of shock that gave the appearance of being dead. However, it was learned at a later date that they were in fact, still alive. In this article, you will learn about a few cases amongst other strange death facts.

Dead Man Winning

Frank Hayes was a jockey who won a horse race, but was never able to enjoy his victory. While riding his horse, Sweet Kiss, he suffered a heart attack in the middle of the race that took his life. When he crossed the finish line, he was dead. This made Hayes the only man to win a horse race while not alive.

Buried Alive

During the 17th century, historical records reveal that victims inflicted with the plague would collapse and appear to be dead. The lack of medical know-how on such symptoms led to nearly 150 cases of people being buried alive.

Safety Coffins

During the 1800s, there has been a documented rash of incidents that included the premature burials of hundreds of people. To counteract the possibility of being buried alive, some people took special measures. The first time a safety coffin had been recorded was in 1792. The coffin was like any other, but was fitted with special attachments that could be used if someone was accidently buried while still alive. Some devices included breathing tubes and methods that allowed a victim to alert the public. A few incidents regarding being buried alive include:

Virginia MacDonald , In 1851, MacDonald supposedly fell ill and died. Her mother had a strong feeling that her daughter was not dead when buried. The family gave consent to have the body dug up and they discovered that her body was lying on its side and her hand badly bitten , signs that she had been buried prematurely.

Madam Blunden , In 1896, Madam Blunden appeared to be dead when she was laid to rest in her family vault at Holy Ghost Chapel in England. The vault was located under a boys’ school. The day following her funeral, noises were heard coming from underneath the school. Upon investigating the vault, Blunden’s coffin was opened, but they were too late. She had gasped her last breath and attempts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful.

Mary Norah Best , In 1871, Best was declared dead from cholera and placed in a vault at an old cemetery in Calcutta. Her body was placed in a pine coffin and nailed shut. Ten years passed and when the vault was unsealed to place another body inside , the undertaker’s assistant found that the lid of Best’s coffin was on the floor. Her skeleton was halfway out of the coffin. It seems that when Best was buried, she was in a trance. Upon awakening, she was able to remove the lid of the coffin. However, she must have fainted or fell forward over the edge of the coffin and died from a blow to the head.