Structured relgion is the worst abomination to the idea of a God

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Structured relgion is the worst abomination to the idea of a God. Turning the idea of God into a structured beleif is one of the worst things man could do. Once you turn a good philosophical idea, like that of a higher being, into a belief- than people begin to suffer. No one will fight a war over an idea, no one will become suicide bombers for an idea, no one will blow up abortion clinics for an idea, no one will kill for an idea, no one will claim to be superior because of an idea, and no one will enslave for an idea. Because you can change and idea.

Once an idea is turned into a beleif people beign to kill, enslave, and become violent. The factioning of religions is an abomination to God.


It is said that when your body dies, your brain will still function for up to twelve minutes. And what happens in those twelve mintues? Well, most likely, you dream. Now consider the relation of dream time to real time. A second of real time is comparable to an hour of dream time. For example- you go to bed at 10:12 and fall asleep rather quickly and have long intricate beautiful dreams. Then something in the outside world wakes you up out of that dream, and it’s only 10:13. So in those twelve minutes of brain activity prior to the death of your body, there’s no telling what you will dream, and how absolutely beautiful it could be. Another perspective on this is that you could replay your entire life from start to finish in your dream. So when you die, you replay your life in a dream. It could also be argued that in this replay of your life, you could filter out the bad things that happened to you in real life and replace them with something better in your dream. Pretty nifty huh? Well let’s say that none of us are really alive- we are all dead and replaying our lives in the form of a dream. Or…. it could be just me, i could have died in real life, and now i’m replaying my life as a dream in my head for the twelve minutes of brain activity i have after my body died. In that case then- none of you are real- you’re just in my head. Well let’s hope then, that when my twelve minutes are up, that i will be able to rest easy- knowing that the answers will come to me in my sleep…

Neo-human theory:

If you look at the spectrum of time that it took for life to evolvce on earth, you will see that it has a telescoping effect- that is it takes less and less amount of time to evolve than previously. 100 billion years for life to appear, 100 million years for it to evolve into different kingdoms, 100 thousand years for the evolution of the homonid, and in terms of intellectual advancement it is even shorter: the renaissance took about 400 years, the industrial revolution took 200, the scientific and digital revolutions took about 100 to 50 years each. So in short we as humans are evolving at a faster and faster pace. Soon we will evolve into a new being, a “neo-human”. What i’m saying is we will be able to exist on different and unparalled planes of existence. We will be unhindered by such concepts as “time”, “space”, and “matter”. We will transcend those post evolution gaps and we will become…as god.

The Meaning of life:

Man’s purpose on this earth is to antagonize nature. There have been two cataclysms since the coming of man: the meteor which destroyed the dinosaurs and the ice age which wiped out the early mammals. Now each time one of these cataclysms occured it wiped out the earts population of animals and plants, setting the stage for a new wave of evolution. The meteor wiped out the dinosaurs sdo mammals could evolve, the ice age wiped out the early mammals so that humans could evolve. Now mans role is to be that third cataclysm. We are to unknowingly wipe out the previous animal population to set the stage for the next worldwide evolution. Now why would the earth create something a species just to wipe out itself? Simple. During the beginning of the solar system things were very unstable. Meteors were flying all over the place and planest were just beging formed. During this stability the earth itself fell into a regular rythm of catastrophe. The meteor, then the ice age. The ice age was caused by the meteor because it cause the earth to tilt which gave it seasons and polar ice caps which proceeded to grow after the tilt. Anyway, after the solar system settled down, the earth no longer had a means of preventing evolutionary stagnation. So therefore it brought forth a race that reveled in chaos and destruction, the humans, to complete the cycle. And that is why we are here.