Study Shows Dangerous Chemical in Water

If a study suggests something it’s news.  If 24 studies suggest the same thing, that’s enough to seriously cause a stir.  Only the program outlined here is in the water we’re all drinking.  The shocking details behind these 24 studies all show that an industrial waste byproduct in our drinking water might not only be affecting the taste, it might actually be reducing our very ability to think.  Fluoride, it has been shown, is linked directly to the mentally handicapped.  And when you see the numbers on this one, your jaw will drop.

Fluoride has been linked by scientists once again to mental retardation.  A study, performed by Paul Connet, Ph D and director of the Fluoride Action Network suggested that the chemical in up to 70% of our drinking water isn’t only a health risk, it might actually be reducing our IQs significantly.  Fluoride in amounts up to the “safe” levels of 4 ppm has been shown to reduce overall intelligence as one study conducted in China shows.  The study indicated that out of 512 children of early adolescent age, 9% more were already exhibiting signs of being mentally handicapped after living in an area where fluoride as compared to an area that was unflouridated in the same country at the same time.  Everything else about the two groups was the same.  The only difference?  Fluoride.

The idea suggesting fluoride might have serious deleterious health effects has been around for many years.  Fluoride is used to keep teeth intact and has been shown to reduce tooth decay when used in toothpaste, but the addition of the chemical to the drinking water has been a subject of controversy for decades.  The controversy doesn’t end there, either.  As more people begin looking into the chemical as an explanation for the increase in cancer rates and any number of other ailments, several studies like this one have been shut down as upholding a fringe opinion.

So how do you know if the water you’re drinking is fluoridated?  Chances are it already is.  Up to 70% of all water in the United States is fluoridated to one degree or another.  But even the “safe” amount of 4 ppm is often considered too extreme and dangerous for healthy consumption.  So what are we to do?  Distilled water is not fluoridated often, as the impurities in tap water can cause problems for the experiments distilled water is often used for.

But how serious is this?  A 9% increased chance of developing some mental disorder seems pretty serious, but many advocates of fluoride suggest it’s a small price to pay for improved teeth.  But proper dental health can be achieved simply by taking the time to clean your teeth after meals.  So if we all did this, would fluoride stop being added to our water?