Submitted Theory: Bermuda Triangle is simply electromagnetic turbulence

In contrast to one theory that the Bermuda Triangle is due to alien spacecraft, I have learned from educated friends that–if you read the map of Lemuria-Atlantis–you will find the two continents based near the Bahamas or the Bermuda Triangle!! More? Documents on crytsology and healing said that 1.Both continents used crystals in healing and that Mu had a crystal temple for healing, made from black tourmalines.A book is available on this, called Don’t Think Like A Human (Channeled Writings, c. 1980-85)

2. Crystals  are highly electromagnetic. Note: vanished aircraft and ships suffered from instrumental problems most likely due to elecromagnetic disturbances–when the continents fell, the crystals, some rather enormous, may have shattered and caused both electromagnetic and water current turbulence. Just a theory but far more conceivable than Satanism!!

3. I saw one such ruin underwater during a meditation in Bangkok, Thailand in 1990-91, replete with stoine and plaster columns! Believe me or not!

So, I believe that the Bermuda Triangle is simply electromagnetic turbulence due to these crystal, and I am a meditator with crystals.