Superstitions Dealing With Creatures

Out of all the superstitions in the world, there are far more than just tossing salt over your should or avoiding walking under a ladder. Some of the beliefs that are encountered throughout everyday life deal with various living things.


First, we will start with popular household pets: cats, dogs and birds. When it comes to feline companions or acquaintances, black cats are usually associated with bad luck, but did you know that some believe that if a black cat walks towards you, you will experience good fortune, but if it walks away from you, with it your good luck goes. As seen in Stephen King’s movie “Cat’s Eye,” some believe that a cat should be kept away from a small child or baby because they are known to “suck their breath.” This may originate from a thought that cats can smell the milk on the breath of children and try to get at it.


Dogs howl at the moon, right? But what does it mean when your canine companion howls at night and it isn’t in his nature? Should you be concerned? Only if someone within the house is sick should you take notice. Some believe that it is a bad omen for a dog to howl when someone residing there is ill. If you do not own a bird, but one appears in your house, it is often thought to be a sign of death.


Speaking of birds, different kinds mean different things. For example, when a robin flies through a window in a room, some believe that it is a sign that death is lingering closely. Encounters with robins are not all bad, if you make a wish upon the first robin of the spring season, it is said to come true. The wish should be made before it flies away or you miss your chance. When an owl is sighted during the sunlight, it is thought to be a bad sign. If you have ever read the Knights of the Roundtable, you may want to know that if you harm or kill a raven, you will be harming the spirit of King Arthur, who is said to visit earth in the form of this bird. It is considered unlucky to kill a sparrow, for some believe that they are responsible for carrying away the souls of the dead.


When it comes to creatures that have wings, you should know that three butterflies together will bring good luck to those who spot this sight. If a bee comes into your home, it means that you may encounter a visitor in the near future. If you kill a bee, you will supposedly have bad luck or a visitor in your life will bring unpleasant circumstances. When a white moth is encountered inside of your house or trying to enter your domicile, it means that death is in the area. Additional superstitions involving animals and other creatures can be found below:


Calf: This superstition pertains to a select few. If the first calf born during the winter season is white, the winter will be quite unpleasant.


Cow: When a cow lifts their tail, rain may be approaching.


Elephant: Photos of an elephant that face a door will bring luck.


Frog: If a frog enters a house, you will receive good luck.


Spider: If you spot a spider running down a web during the afternoon, a trip is in your near future.