Superstitions Regarding Death

One of the most disturbing of all superstitions deals with the topic of death. There are many beliefs that cross a variety of cultures and individuals when it comes to this subject. In this article, you will learn of a few that deals with birds, clocks and candles.


When it comes to funerals, there are numerous superstitions that people follow. Some of them may seem quite extreme, while others sound like a bit of common sense. When a funeral is held on a Friday, it may result in the death of the family during that same year. When encountering a funeral procession, it is bad luck to meet it head on. Counting the number of cars in a funeral cortege will result in bad luck. When you hear thunder after a funeral, it is a sign that the soul of the departed has entered heaven. When attending a funeral, it is said that wearing new clothes is not recommended, especially if you are planning on buying new shoes for the event. Some believe if you point at a funeral procession, you may die within a month. When you are pregnant, it is suggested that you do not attend a funeral.


In regards to the burial of the deceased, a woman should know be buried in black or she may return from the grave to haunt the rest of the family. If the eyes of a dead person are left open, he or she may search for someone to take with them. If a person dies in a home, the mirrors should be covered or the next person to gaze into one will suffer a cruel fate.


If a bird finds itself trapped within a house, it is considered a sign of death. In regards to the robin, if one flies into a room through a window, a death is said to follow soon after. When passing a cemetery, some will hold their breath because they believe that they will inhale the spirit of someone who has recently lost their life. If a clock that has stopped working begins to chime, it is a sign that a death may occur within your family. On the other hand, stopping a clock in the room of the recently departed is suggested if you want to avoid bad luck.


If someone passes away in a certain room of the house, it is suggested to light candles after November 1st in that same room. The number of candles to light should equal the number of relatives who have passed away. When dreaming of death, it is actually a sign of a birth, whereas a dream about birth can be a sign of death. It is also thought that if you touch a loved one who has passed away, you will not have any dreams involving them.


When visiting a grave, what you find may indicate the type of life that the deceased led. If the person you are visiting has lived a good life, then flowers will be found surrounding their grave. If the person was evil or unkind during their life, weeds will grow in the area of the grave.