Switching To A New reality With a Hyper Speed Antenna

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Re: Hyper light speed antenna

Jerry W. Decker ( (no email) )
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 02:21:27 -0600 Hi Ren et al!

Hmmm, my ‘take’ on UFOs after years of study and having the
dubious pleasure of meeting many of the claimants and
resarchers, is that Meier is probably closest with his claim
(though I didn’t meet him, I did study his case and many of
his claims), he says he was told by an ET contact, that they
come from a parallel time.

That you could chop a second into 1000 slices and each of
those ‘temporal slices’ contains a complete other universe
with different timelines.

There are indicators this might be so, that you could phase
shift to disappear from this ‘temporal reality’ and reappear
in another. From the material I’ve been studying, it
appears it won’t be like the ‘Back to the Future’ scenario
where we have twins, etc…but that these other earths would
be devoid of development, no cities, few if any humans
because they did not develop there…but the slices are
unending so its a matter of tuning to the right slice to
find one that you liked.

So, I don’t see any connection with ufos from anything I’ve
read about them. The idea of communicating instantly or
much faster with another planet is appealing.
Remember the NASA tinkertoy robot that took 20 minutes to
receive a signal from earth and 20 minutes to get one back,
so each tiny motion of the joystick controller took 40
minutes….pretty pathetic…

As to communicating with the dead….George Meek in his
contacts said he was told over and over that in death,
‘there is no SERIAL TIME’…because, as Keely said, ‘Time is
Gravity’ and if you are ‘discarnate’ then you have no
gravity and thus no time.

As in the biblical and other god claims that a blink or a
day in the life of a god is equal to 1000 years in the life
of mankind…this ‘god time’ would indicate if there are
such creatures, that they too are not bound by ‘time’, so
would speed be relevant?

As if we don’t have enough cell phones now..<g>…

> At 10:36 PM 3/14/00 -0600, you wrote:
> >Hi Folks!
> >
> >Bert Pool sent in this new patent on a new hyper-light speed
> >antenna and Bert noted the comment about accelerating plant
> >growth;
> >
> >http://www.patents.ibm.com/details?&pn=US06025810__
> Hi All!
> Is this the dream way of talking to Ufo’s and perhaps the dead? seeing some
> ghosts are able to conjure up pictures on T.V. tubes and others on tape
> recorders!
> There is no known frequency that ufo’s work with but if they employed this
> method, the light years may not show up for them.
> Food for thought perhaps!
> Ren