Take A Look Inside Chinese Herbal Treatments

Chinese herbal medicine dates back to ancient times, where herbs, plants, and flowers were used to treat anything, from breathing difficulties to skin infections. In this article, you are introduced to Chinese herbal treatments that have stood the test of time, involving herbs such as burdock and astragalus.


In Chinese herbal medicine, burdock is known as an important herb with detoxifying powers. Used to treat conditions due to an overloading of toxins, burdock treats throat infections, rashes, boils, and other skin issues. It is the root and the seeds that aid in the cleansing of waste from the body. Harvested in the late summer, the leaves and fruit of burdock (which contains seeds), produces a diuretic effect. Uses for burdock include:

Decoction: Use the root to create a decoction to treat arthritis and disorders of the skin, Drink 35 milliliters one time per day for up to four weeks. For example, a burdock decoction can remedy an outbreak of pimples. Combine two teaspoons of burdock root and three teaspoons of dandelion root. Drink one cup of the decoction two times per day.

Tincture: Burdock root makes an effective tincture used to treat skin disorders and arthritis. Dilute the tincture with water and take 20 drops two to three times per day for up to four weeks.

Infusion: The seeds can create an infusion that some have found helpful in treating boils and acne , when used as a wash.

Poultice: Use the leaves of burdock to create a poultice that treats the symptoms of boils and abscesses.


Quite popular in China, astragalus is one of the most embraced tonic herbs that the West has yet to fully understand. The Chinese have used the root of astragalus (referred to as ‘huang qi’) to treat medical concerns for thousands of years. Traditionally, the root has found a place in increasing a body’s resistance against the common cold, and boosting energy levels. Research has revealed that the herb acts as a decent diuretic, lowers blood pressure, and enhancing the endurance of an individual. Typical uses of astragalus include:

Tincture: Treat night sweats with a tincture. Take one teaspoon with water one to two times per day.

Dry-fried Root: If you are looking for a tonic that provides stimulating effects, dry-fry five to ten grams of root by itself each day. If you plan on taking the remedy with a meal, add one teaspoon of honey to the dry-fried root.

Decoction: Make a decoction to treat anemia by combining 12 grams of astragalus root with 12 grams of Chinese angelica. Consume two cups on a daily basis. Another way to prepare a decoction using the root is to blend 20 grams of the root with five grams of cinnamon. Drink one cup of the decoction two times per day.