Taking Care of Your Crystals and Gemstones

 People just starting out to use crystals should know that cleansing stones on a periodic basis is highly suggested. Some people will wash their crystals under running water and rinse off with a mild soap. Sitting them in a sun is a good way to revamp their energies, as well as eliminates the threat of unwanted vibrations.

It’s a good idea to clean your crystals before using them to perform a magic spell or ritual. If you’ve exposed your stones to a negative event or intense emotions, it is suggested to wash your crystals.

If you are looking to purify your crystals, it is recommended to rub your stones with a piece of citrine , a piece of quartz that offers a color that ranges from a pale yellow to brown. This can be important because gemstones and crystals will absorb vibrations generated by other people, which is why other people shouldn’t touch the stones you use to perform rituals. 

When your crystals are not in use, place in a protected hideaway. Popular options include a velvet (or cloth) bag, wooden box, or other form of storage that is kept closed. When not stored, treat your crystals to light, where they can absorb the rays and energy from the sun and moon. If you do not show your crystals attention, they can dull. It is suggested to make it a habit to hold or touch the stones. They are said to shine more brightly if you show love and respect.

Crystals and their Powers

If you are interested in using crystals to cast circles, perform spells, gain protection, conduct rituals, or dabble in divination techniques, you should first know a bit about the kinds of crystals you may use. Below are just some of the crystals you may consider using, as well as some of their associated powers:

Carnelian , With a reddish color, carnelian is associated with the energy of love and joy. Use the crystal to clear negative energy when light passes through. Use in the home to stabilize the household. Some people use carnelian to jumpstart their inner talents and spark creativity.

Hematite , To enhance your memory, concentration and focus, hematite is a winner. If you are looking for love, hematite also possesses attraction qualities. Others use the stone for its connection to inner happiness and peace.

Coral , If you want a stronger connection to mysticism, coral is an option. This gemstone is also associated with intuition, imagination, emotional peace, harmony, and delivering relief from depression.

Rose Quartz , With soothing qualities, rose quartz is linked to creating deep inner healing. With a gentle nature, you can remove negativity and attract the energy of love and peace. Some use the crystal to bring calm to a relationship. This is probably why this crystal is sometimes referred to as the “Stone of Love.”