Taylor Momsen is Still Supporting a Dark Agenda with her Upcoming Album

Long gone are the days when Taylor Momsen channels the sugary sweet cuteness of Lucy Lou in the film, ‘The Grinch that Stole Christmas.” Also straying from the typical antics of teenagers portrayed in her role on the TV series Gossip Girl, Momsen is part of a rock band called The Pretty Reckless…and they are gearing up to release an album, which happens to be titled ‘Going to Hell.’ There is no doubt that Momsen is distancing herself farther and farther away from any of the sweetness associated with her past – some of her most recent actions highlight an escalating and disturbing mindset.

In addition to being known as an actress and model, Taylor Momsen has also embraced the music world as her current career choice. Yet, the kinds of headlines that she’s been making lately with her band, The Pretty Reckless, are some that center on the singer’s dark ways.

During an interview with Revolver Magazine, Momsen spoke about one of the singles from her new album, which is called ‘Heaven Knows.’ A title like this may bring up thoughts of a pro-religious song, but not with Momsen, she does not produce the kind of music that makes a religious individual smile. In fact, Momsen has gone as far as to involve children in her dark and twisted world of musical interpretation by seeking their participation with the single.

She sought after the assistance of a handful of youths so that she could incorporate their voices. Momsen admitted that she said to the children, “Throw your ******* hands in the air!” and stated that it was very hard for her to hold back curse words. She also revealed that she instructed the children to “scream about what makes you hate and what makes you the angriest in the world. I want you to scream as loud as you can.” Therefore, the singer asked the kids to dwell and give energy to the darkness, negativity, and ‘hate’ they may harbor in their lives.

Momsen then admitted, “By the end of it, they were going crazy…I don’t think they understood what they were singing.” The children’s voices echoed in unison, “Oh Lord, tell us so/
We belong way down below/ 
Oh Lord, tell us so/
 We belong way down below
/ Way down below, way down below/ 
Way down below, way down below.” It’s certainly not the kind of imagery or lyrics that the average parent would like to hear a child saying, and in a group, it almost sounds as if the kids were participating in some sort of ‘chant filled with hate.’  Obviously, thoughts of hell emerge when listening to these lyrics.

The band’s album also shows Momsen in a disturbing light, as she appears nude for the front cover with her back to the audience. To make matters worse, a black cross is painted on her back with the very end of it forming an arrow that points downwards towards her bare derriere.

Since Momsen is a former actress that young children may associate with because of her past TV and film work, some parents have expressed concern over the way she now embraces dark imagery. She could definitely have a negative influence on the younger generation.