Tesla is a genius. Born in 1856 in Croatia, he studied physics and mathematics in Austria.Without his invention, our world we known, would not be the same. Our factories, our lights, our cars would not exist. He is the precursor of the science revolution. He should be more famous than he actually is. In fact, he has been rejected because of money. He was poor and his invention was not a source of money neither. Indeed, one of its invention would permit anyone on Earth to have electricity for free by just plug in the Earth! Publicity photo of Tesla sitting in his laboratory in Colorado Springs

Tesla went at New York in 1884 with almost no money, just a airplane design and some poems. His first job was with Edison, the clash was inevitable, they worked in a different way. Edison believed in the continuous current while Tesla believed rightly in the alternative current. Tesla, after been fired, met Georges Westinghouse who believed in Tesla. Then Westinghouse and Edison fight against each other. Edison electrocuted animals with alternative current to make people believe that the alternative current was dangerous and they should use the continuous current. Tesla in an other hand show that he could use alternative current through his body without danger. During the universal exposition of Chicago in 1893, Tesla’s alternative current won success over the continuous current and then it becomes the most used current.

Tesla designed many more inventions which are not famous. In fact, Westinghouse, like Edison believed only in money and didn’t give money to Tesla for his research because his new inventions would not give more money. Tesla also invented the radio in the same time as Marconi and Bose did. He also invented the ray of death which was able to kill someone at a far distance. Many claims that Tesla known many more things. in fact, After his death, all his inventions disappear though he always registered patents to any of his inventions. Does the United States kept secret his inventions or does Westinghouse did to protect his electricity market. Indeed, if Tesla’s wireless electricity would be commercialized it would destroy the electricity market won by Westinghouse. Another interesting thing about Tesla is his theories about the universe and the aether, the support medium of light waves. To explain his theories he used Vedic terms because he said that it was not possible otherwise. English, Greek or Latin was not sufficient to express his ideas.