The 10th Planet

the 10th PlanetDid you know that Pluto was only discovered in 1930 and just recently discovered that it has 2 additional moons? Indeed, we know very little about space and our own solar system. Remember also that before, it was hard to believe in the existence of a 9th planet (Pluto). Now is it so difficult to believe in a 10th planet? There are scientists, who after using the same method that led them to the discovery of Pluto, believe that there must be a tenth celestial body. Their method involves calculating masses in solar system. When they realized their figures didn’t add up, they knew it had to be the lack of information and not an error in the calculations. The discovery of Pluto nearly balanced their equations, but not completely… leading to the conclusion that they were still missing one more planets, which would solve their equations. Now, let’s go more in the past and we will discover some fantastic prophecies.

Zacharia Sitchin studied the ancient scriptures, especially the Sumerians texts where he was impressed by some interesting knowledge. One example was the existence of 12 celestial bodies, with the sun in the center, a moon near the Earth and 10 planets! Were they wrong? In his book, “the 12th planet”, Zacharia studied these Sumerians texts and their mythology, which is interestingly similar to the bible. They talk about the creation of the solar system and include 10 planets. He also discusses about the creation of mankind by extraterrestrial beings, which live on this “12th” celestial body. He said that this planet had an elliptic trajectory, which is exactly what the NASA concluded about this possible 10th planet. This elliptic trajectory meant that the planet would regularly come near to the other planets and disturb them at some point in its revolution.

We can compare this to some other ancient scriptures that talk about a similar cycle of destruction and creation. Indeed, in any mythologies there is this fear about the destruction of the world, the apocalypse. It is said that it has happened already before. Maybe it was this 10th planet which is believed to be capable of completely disturbing the Earth and all of the life on it. The Maya civilization talked about 5 worlds, which were created, and according to the text the 5th world (ours) should have been destroyed in 1987 and the 6th world created in 2012. We should be vigilant in the next few years to come. The India government has officially said that they take the 2012 prophecy seriously! It is really exciting, and at the same time really frightening!

We should of course be skeptic, but one thing we must keep in mind is that we know already that some celestial bodies have already come dangerously close to Earth with horrific consequences (the destruction of dinosaurs). Furthermore, lots of facts indicate that something happened in the history of Mankind, which destroyed a large part of the Earth. For example, the rift in Africa which measures a 6th of the circumference of the Earth has been dated as much as 10,000 years old which can only be the result of another celestial body coming too close to Earth. If this was true in the past we shall soon see if it will hold true for the future!