Rhianna Covering one Eye

The All-Seeing Eye Continues to Appear in Popular Culture

The blatant, in-your-face symbolism associated with the Illuminati can be seen on an everyday basis, and if you are unaware of their common signs ”“ you wouldn’t think twice. One of the most known of Illuminate symbols is the all-seeing eye (sometimes referred to as the Eye of Providence). This symbol depicts an eye often surrounded by rays of light and is usually inside of a triangle. To this day, the all-seeing eye appears throughout mainstream America ”“ most notably in popular culture, such as music videos and celebrity photo shoots.

The all-seeing eye is a symbol that traces back to Egyptian mythology and the Eye of Horus, which is also linked to Satanic symbolism. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, a great deal of musicians and other celebrities embrace this symbol within their clothing, actions and choice of representation. The voice and representation of celebrities are also influenced by higher-ups (or the people behind the scenes who may have a different agenda). Sometimes referred to as handlers or gate keepers, it is sometimes the agents, producers and music video directors who play a bigger role in the kinds of messages your favorite celebrities send out.

Photo shoots have shown artists, such as Paramore, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, highlighting the all-seeing eye. Another popular variation of the all-seeing eye is single eye symbolism, where one eye or side of the face is covered.

Music videos are a powerful accompaniment to the lyrics of an artist’s song. The visual interpretation creates a deeper connection with listeners, and helps promote a musician’s vision. In many cases, musicians intentionally use props, symbols and other visuals to send their message. Sometimes, their agenda is hidden, but it doesn’t stop the subconscious mind from picking up on the prompts. In Kesha’s ‘Die Young’ music video, the all-seeing eye and triangles appear in abundance. The subject of the lyrics coupled with the subliminal message-like content of the video creates a disturbing experience.


Popular R&B singer Beyonce has continually inserted all-seeing eye symbolism and the ‘A-OK’ sign that represents the Satan and ‘666.’ Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z, who is consistently associated with the Illuminati, has a clothing line and record label that incorporates the all-seeing eye. The ‘sign’ associated Roc-a-Fella Records is flashed during concerts and on a constant basis. Jay-Z is often photographed forming a triangle with both hands and then placing his eye at the top of the pyramid. With such a large fan base, this imagery spreads across a wide range of listeners of all ages, and is effectively promoted.


Sometimes, the all-seeing eye is hidden throughout the movie industry. An example of this type of symbolism is found in the movie poster for Aeon Flux, which starred Charlize Theron (shown).

One of the most commonly recognized uses of the all-seeing eye is on the United States one-dollar bill, but the symbol is no stranger to other mainstream avenues in America, and has been incorporated into significant pieces of history, events, places, and propaganda. A few examples include:

  • Curiously, Nickelodeon used the all-seeing eye in one of their advertisements for the network.
  • The State Seal of Colorado incorporates the all-seeing eye.
  • The Aleister Crowley Foundation adopted the all-seeing eye into the logo.
  • An eye oversees an illustration representing the structure of Freemasonry.