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The Appearance of Baphomet in Music and Movies

The demonic deity known as Baphomet is a symbol of Satan that appears in many different forms (including hidden imagery) throughout the music and movie industry. Embraced by the Masons and other groups with questionable agendas, the symbol depicts a goat-like creature with horns that is usually seen sitting in a crossed-leg position with one raised arm and a downward direction for the other. Some see Baphomet as a representative of the male and female gender, night and day, or Heaven and Hell.

As if Lady Gaga didn’t incorporate enough problematic imagery into her music, videos and public appearances, she also embraces the symbolism of the goat on more than one occasion. Baphomet symbolism and goat references appear in a handful of her music videos.
For instance, after 41 seconds have passed in her ‘Paparazzi’ music video, goat imagery appears in the center of a checkerboard patterned wall ”“ symbolism also associated with the Masons. Another interesting connection between Lady Gaga and goat worship is the video director for her song, “Paparazzi.” Director Jonas Akerlund has a known tie to the worship of Baphomet. While on the set for the video shoot, Akerlund was even photographed wearing a T-shirt depicting the ‘Goat of Mendes’ ”“ symbol of worship that dates back to the ancient Egyptian days.

Behind the musician Akon in Lady Gaga’s video for ‘Just Dance,’ goat imagery appears on the wall at the 2:28 mark. Appearing on the wall beside a man in the video ‘Bad Romance,’ you will see goat imagery at the 4:13 mark. The same kind of goat worship seen in Lady Gaga videos was duplicated in the ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ music video for Miley Cyrus, where two goats appear behind the singer at the 2:48 mark. At one point, the singer-actress even released photos of herself on Twitter as a proud owner of a baby goat, which certainly raised eyebrows.

When Lady Gaga steps out onto the public eye, she’s been seen incorporating goat symbolism into her eccentric wardrobe. She’s been photographed wearing hats with goat horns attached or has affixed a goat-heat shaped wig piece into her hair.

Hidden goat imagery (as well as other occult symbolism) has been found in more than one video for the electronic rock group MGMT. Dancing to the right of the screen, a goat skull appears at the 1:20 mark of the music video for the popular hit ‘Electric Feel.’ In the music video for “Flash Delirium,” a filleted goat head appears on the floor around the 0:58 mark.

Popular musicians Beyonce and Kanye West have made clothing statements that highlight goat heads. One outfit of Beyonce’s clearly portrays Baphomet in the center of a motorcycle-like outfit that represents something her ‘character’ called Sasha Fierce would wear. During one performance, Beyonce wore a ring with a goat head and horns. Beyonce has on more than one occasion incorporated disturbing symbolism in her photo shoots, music videos and public appearances.

Throughout the movie industry, goat worship and images of Baphomet have appeared as both in-your-face imagery and hidden references.

From the movie trailer to a significant scene in the movie ‘Drag Me to Hell,’ the film centers on a young girl fighting against the curse of an elderly woman. Haunted by a demon that wishes to take her to hell within three days, she turns to a psychic for help. During a séance, they exorcise the demon into a goat. If you watch one of the trailers for the movie, the head of Baphomet is seen in the shadow of the demon.

Other instances where goat imagery or references to Baphomet appear in movies include:

  • In the mystery-action flick “Sherlock Holmes” (released in 2009), Robert Downey Jr. plays the title character, who investigates a handful of murders tied to occult rituals. Subliminal imagery associated with Baphomet and the Sigil of Baphomet appears inside the pages of a book featured in the movie.
  • In the supernatural horror movie ‘Paranormal Activity,’ Baphomet is seen on a page within the Demonology Book.
  • In the fantasy action film “300,” which highlights the battle between the Spartans and the Persians, there is a scene that depicts a goat character playing a pan pipe within the camp of Xerxes.